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Eye Pencil - VEL

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Pencil Eyeliner for Intense, Sparkling Eyes

Pencil eyeliner is the simplest makeup product to have in your makeup kit for an instant makeup and glam look. A stroke of eyeliner in your eyes makes them look mesmerizing. While the eyes have the power to express through their shape and gestures, the eye pencil helps accentuate the shape, making them even more expressive. 

Whether you want a full glam look or a simple day without makeup, eyeliner is all you need to carry any look easily. It helps uplift the mood of the entire outfit instantly while adding a boost of confidence in the way you carry yourself. Viseart pencil eyeliner formulation offers a smooth glide and complete precision to allow experimentation with different eyeliner styles.

How to Choose the Best Pencil Eyeliner

While many types of eyeliners include liquid, gel, cream, and pencil, finding the perfect one can always be daunting. For a newbie, pencil eyeliner is the perfect product to get précised eyeliner trends. Also, the design and color options make the pencil liner a must-have. But how to choose the best eyeliner pencil? Here are a few things to consider when choosing an eyeliner -

Texture of Pencil Eyeliner

  • Matte Eyeliner
  • Achieving a simple and elegant look is easy using a matte texture eye pencil. The matte texture has a formula that offers a smooth finish without any shine, keeping your makeup subtle. The silky texture and matte finish are perfect for your everyday look and are available in different colors to allow you to create drama through your eyes.

  • Shimmer Eyeliner
  • When you want to go extra and over the top with your makeup game, pairing glam makeup with shimmer eyeliner is the best idea to execute. The glittering formula makes the color pop, bringing all the focus to your eyes. To keep it subtle yet extraordinary, go for a simple eye makeup with just a stroke of shimmer on the eye line.

  • Satin Eyeliner
  • When working with liquid eyeliner can seem messy, and you still want a shiny finish to your eyeliner, using satin long lasting eye liner can help. As the name goes, the satin finish offers a smooth glide, just like butter, instantly giving you a seamless finish. The satin formulation contains rich oil, butter, and other ingredients that are 100% safe for your eyes.

  • Metallic Eyeliner
  • Metallic eyeliner tops the list when talking about trending eyeliner looks. A simple gold, silver, and different metallic finish eye pencil upgrades the entire makeup routine. Paring your metallic pencil eyeliner with a full-face metallic look works perfectly for the festive season, making you stand out and shine brightly.

    Consider the Tip

    Choosing the texture of an eye pencil is crucial, but considering the shape and structure of the pencil is equally vital. The shape of the pencil helps add precision when applying eyeliner. Along with pencil shape, consider the tip of pencil eyeliner. An extra sharp tip can poke you and harm your eyes, whereas a blunt tip will not give a smooth stroke. Look for eye pencils that are easy to sharpen and hold the tip for easy application on your eyes.

    Choose the Color

    While black is the most common color and preferred choice when buying waterproof eyeliner, a huge array of color options are available to play along for divine eye makeup. A classic and bold black works for every outfit, but a dash of color can add fun and drama to your eyes. Whether you go for blue, yellow, green, gold, silver, or any other color, matching and contrasting it with your makeup and attire helps elevate the entire look. A white eye pencil even helps add depth and dimension to your eyes.

    Check Features

  • Waterproof: 
  • Waterproof eyeliner pencil helps your makeup stay long in all weather conditions. Whether it is a rainy season or a hot summer, you do not have to worry about your eyeliner running due to contact with water. The waterproof formula keeps your liner intact, giving you fabulous eyes every time.

  • Color Pigment
  • The pigments of the pencil eyeliner decide how beautiful your eye makeup stands out. Natural color pigments in the eye pencil help a safe formulation. Choose pencil eyeliner shades with safe and natural color formulation to ensure the color doesn’t harm your sensitive eyes.

  • Stay Hours
  • Check the features of eye pencils that ensures a long stay. A good quality eyeliner pencil can stay up to 10 to 12 hours without smudging and provide mesmerizing eyes.

  • Smudge-proof
  • Smudge-proof eyeliner prevents your eye makeup from spreading due to humid conditions or sweating. It allows the eyeliner to stay intact all day.

    Best Way to Apply a Waterproof Eyeliner  

    Step 1: Clean Your Face

    Start with cleaning your entire face with a gentle scrub and mild face wash. Exfoliation helps clear skin and gives you a smooth base. Apply moisturizer on a clean face and move ahead to your eye makeup.

    Step 2: Prime Your Eyes

    Apply eye primer on the clean eyelids. The primer blurs out imperfections and smoothens crease lines. It ensures that the eyelids are prepped and has a clean base for eyeshadow pigments to stay for longer hours. Ensure the primer is dry before moving to the next step.

    Step 3: Do the Eye Makeup

    Once the primer dries, start with the base eye makeup look that you want with your outfit. If you want to go subtle, apply a base eyeshadow similar to skin tone for a natural look.

    Step 4: Apply Pencil Eyeliner

    After applying the eyeshadow, move to the pencil eyeliner. Hold the eyes tight and lift upwards, starting with the upper lash line. Draw a dotted line to shape the liner using the eye pencil. Now, connect the line and fill it for a perfect finish. Repeat the same technique to apply eyeliner on the lower lash line. Use the tightlining technique to apply liner on your waterline. With the simple dot-dash method combined with tightlining, you can easily create different trending eyeliner looks.

    Step 5: Set Using Eyeshadow

    It is always a good idea to set your eyeliner to ensure that it stays even longer and looks natural. Using the eyeshadow palette, select the shade matching your eye pencil and dab some amount of eyeshadow using a brush. Blend with light hands to set the eyeliner.

    Step 6: Apply Mascara

    Complete your eye makeup using mascara to add volume to your lashes. It will make your eyes look bigger and more beautiful.

    Step 7: Complete Makeup and Set

    Do the rest of your face makeup, including blush, highlighter, lip paint, etc. Then, using a setting spray, set the entire makeup for a glam look for your evening.

    Buy the Best Eye Pencil from Viseart Official

    A sassy and charming look is every woman’s dream. Adding a glide of color using an eyeliner pencil on your eyes helps you to complete your look. Whether you want a classic wing or experiment with graphic eyeliners, simple waterproof eyeliner is all you need. With precision, technique, and good quality, applying perfect eyeliner can become a piece of cake. Viseart eyeliner pencil offers a super long stay with a cruelty-free formula that is 100% dermatologically tested for safe application on your eyes. Various finishes and textures allow you to create trending looks to flaunt yourself in style. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. How Long Does Eyeliner Last on Your Face?

    A good quality eyeliner pencil can stay up to 10 to 13 hours without smudging. The formulation and ingredients of the eye pencil make it waterproof, smudge-proof, and stay throughout the day.

    2. Can I Use an Eye Pencil to Fill in My Brows?

    Yes, with the right technique and a light hand, you can use an eye pencil to fill the eyebrows. The waterproof eyeliner pencil has higher and darker pigments compared to an eyebrow pencil. Using it correctly can help get perfect eyebrows. For a newbie in makeup, start slow and be careful while handling the eye pencil to avoid black and patchy eyebrows.

    3. In What Order Do You Apply White Eyeliner in Your Makeup Routine?

    Adding a white eyeliner pencil can transform the makeup game for those with small and dropping eyes. White eyeliner makes your eyes look bigger and brighter. It adds a shine to your eyes, highlighting them naturally. After doing all your eye makeup, use white eyeliner on the inner corners. Follow with mascara to complete the look. Ensure not to layer white eyeliner pencils with any makeup product other than mascara to allow them to be visible.

    4. Can I Use an Eye Pencil to Tightline My Eyes?

    Yes, you can use the tightlining technique using the eye pencil. The technique lets you get precise control and finish that makes your eyes look bigger. It helps you connect the top and bottom eyelids, making your eyes look complete and natural. Use an eyeliner pencil to line your waterline while tightly lifting your eyes for a clean finish.