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Eye Pencil - VEL

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Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil At The Best Price To Nail Your Everyday Looks

Let Your Eyes Do The Talking!

From being the most essential and everyone’s favourite makeup product to becoming a tool that uplifts one’s confidence and mood entirely, pencil eyeliners have forever been a woman’s treasured accessory. The love for eye pencils runs so deep that no woman will wait until their existing eyeliner finishes to get the next one. They will start looking for the best eyeliner and choose their favourite way before they run out of the previous one. And the love for this one tool is justified. Eye makeup has the power to completely transform your look. When applied correctly, it can make you look refreshed, sharp, confident, graceful and can take your entire look to another level.

If there is one piece of makeup accessory that women swear by, it is the pencil eyeliner. Easy to apply, waterproof, long-lasting, pigmented yet smudge-proof, the best waterproof eyeliner pencil has a special place in every makeup box.

A makeup product as special as this needs your undivided attention, as buying the right kind of eyeliner at the best pencil eyeliner price is not a cakewalk. A professional makeup artist will know the difference between an ordinary and a high-quality product. It's the minute details like the sharpness of the pencil eyeliner, consistency, pigmentation and colour options that make a huge difference.

Wish To Look Sassy Yet Charming? Line Your Eyes With These Waterproof Eyeliner Pencils

Viseart has been the go-to brand for makeup products from women in the States for over 40 years and is now proud to introduce its products in the Indian market. We are one of the few purpose-driven makeup brands that offer premium, cruelty-free and dermatologically tested products across the world. Moreover, our range of waterproof eyeliner pencils has an astounding range of colours that are hard to find elsewhere. We pay utmost attention to the consistency and usability of the products and have formulated the best eyeliner pencil that glides effortlessly on your skin in one stroke with a precise line. The product is encased in an easy-to-use pencil packaging that eliminates the need for eye makeup brushes. You can just swipe the pencil eyeliner across your eyelid and you are good to go.

Eye makeup is known for its quality of adding a touch of sharpness to your look. The wonders that a thin line of eye pencil and shimmer eyeshadow can enhance your look is highly underrated. The best part about using eye pencils over liquid eyeliners is that you can adjust the sharpness of your pencil and create desired looks. Sharpen it to create a sleek and fine line on your eyelids or smoothen the top a little to line your waterline or create the most-loved smokey eye look. The waterproof eyeliner pencil at Viseart can be your best friend and can be your safety net whenever you need to try out different looks. You can achieve matte, satin or metallic finish from eye pencils in five eye-popping shades- Jet Black, Metallic Blaze, Intense Gold, Ultra Marine, Champagne Sparks.

Super Stay Eye Pencils That Last Up To 13 Hours!

Yes, you heard that right! The striking range of smudge-proof pencil eyeliners and the entire eyeshadow kit that you see at Viseart is made to last up to 13 hours, giving you one less thing to worry about. The ready to use applicator allows you to create the desired look with minimal effort. Our eyeliner pencil glides easily on your skin, blending seamlessly and defining your eyes with a precise line that highlights your favourite features. We believe everyone should have access to top-quality best eyeliner pencils that are authentic and last for long hours. This idea gave birth to the brand Viseart which is now a known and respected name in the international markets.

Let The World See Your Art And Creativity: Sporting A Winged Eyeliner Made Easier Than Ever.

Whether you have stepped foot in the glamorous world of makeup or are a professional, you are sure to be a fan of winged eyes. Winged eyeliners have been in the trend since the 60s and are the trend is here to stay. They are a seamless way of adding a spark to your face, letting you radiate confidence and expressions without uttering a word. Viseart is a brand that cares about the premium-loving population of India, where women know their worth and love to shop from a purpose-driven brand. We are a 100% cruelty-free brand and get our products dermatologically tested instead of causing any damage to our furry friends.

If you are a lover of minimalistic and simple looks, the best selling Jet Black waterproof eyeliner pencil might just become your best friend. Create the timeless no-makeup makeup look and highlight the natural shape of your eyes with one single stroke. However, if you love to bask in the glory of glamour and colours, you are in just the right place. We offer the best glitter eyeshadows and a stunning range of 5 out-of-the-box colour options at incredible pencil eyeliner prices that are sure to have a special place in your heart and your makeup box.

Celebrities and makeup artists all over the world trust the best eyeliner pencils from Viseart to create fashion runway looks. Bag our best selling product and grab on to the hottest eye makeup trends. So ladies, get ready to put on your best makeup look with the best waterproof eye pencil and become a part of the Viseart community- a place for women that expect more from their makeup.