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Face Primer – The Ultimate Makeup Product for Long Lasting Glow 

Face primer is a holy grail that can completely transform your appearance. While simple techniques of makeup can boost your confidence and help channelize your true self, using the correct products and good quality makes a big difference. In this day and age, where the makeup industry is thriving, thousands of products are produced regularly, each better than the previous batch. Makeup primer is one such product that is still prevalent in the fiercely competitive market. The basic primer supplements your entire makeup and cannot be replaced.  

No matter what look you want to achieve, a face primer can truly form the foundation of your makeup. It can make or break the look you're trying to achieve. A simple layer of the best makeup primer helps blur out your face pores and ensures that all the hydration is locked in for the whole day. While the primer works as a protective shield from environmental factors and cosmetic products, it gives you a smooth canvas for a professional like makeup. If you're a makeup enthusiast looking to expand your collection, having a Viseart face primer in your makeup arsenal is a must.  

What is a Primer, and What Role Does It Play in Achieving an Unblemished Look? 

You must first prepare your face for makeup if you want a flawless appearance. It's like preparing a canvas before painting on it. You need a good base because you don't want flaky makeup highlighting your wrinkles and fine lines. A face primer is the product you need to transform your face into a beautiful canvas ready to be popped with colors.   

Makeup primer has a hydrating and rich formulation with ingredients that help create naturally healthy-looking skin while creating a thin layer of barrier to protect your sensitive skin. The benefits of face primer help in achieving a blemish-free and even skin that can grab everyone's attention instantly. You can find an extensive range of face primers online, but choosing the one based on your skin is vital to reap all the benefits. 

Benefits of Using Face Primers 

Face primer, a transparent magic potion, offers much to your regular makeup and skincare routine. While it is a slow result-giving product compared to other cosmetics, its immense benefits can transform how your makeup appears. Makeup is all about experimenting, trying, and finding what suits you the best. Using makeup primer to explore its benefits is the easiest way to understand why it is a must-have product. Here are the basic benefits you can reap by using a makeup primer daily. 

Minimizes Pores 

Facial pores absorb all the products you apply to your face. When using a face primer, you can instantly see a difference in the appearance of your facial pores. Those with large pores especially benefit the most from the primer. A thin layer helps minimize pores' size, giving you a smoother appearance and reducing product absorption. 

Fills in Signs of Aging 

Fine lines and wrinkles are common signs of aging that shouldn’t make you shy. Face primer helps fill in these lines and other signs of aging and blurs them out for a young and youthful look. Layering it with foundation helps give a complete look. 

Provides Matte Finish 

Those with excess oil have an active sebaceous gland that secretes oil. Applying matte face primer is all you need if you want a matte finish makeup. The primer will nullify the shine, leaving you with smooth and matte skin. 

Helps Makeup Stay Longer 

Your pores produce an oil called sebum. The sebum production throughout the day can affect the stay time of your makeup. It leads to your foundation and other layers melting, spoiling your look. Applying makeup primer helps control sebum production, giving you a longer lasting makeup. 

Easy to Apply Formula 

The texture of the primer makes it an easy product to apply. Available in cream, gel, and liquid formulas, the face primer easily spreads on the skin and gets absorbed in the pores within some time. To get the most benefits, ensure that the primer is allowed to dry before layering it with other products. 

Skincare Benefits 

Unlike other products that wipe off with makeup-removing products, face primer works as a healing product. Its unique, rich, and hydrating formulas protect your skin and penetrate the pores. It then locks the pores and creates a barrier layer to protect your skin from UV rays, pollutants, cosmetic chemicals, and other external factors. The skin stays unaffected by all the products applied, ensuring a plump and soft skin. 

Types Of Primer 

While a face primer is an excellent product for all makeup enthusiasts, did you know that it comes in a variety of formulas? While face products were once thought to be one-size-fits-all, this cannot be true, as we all have different skin types requiring different products. Keeping this in mind, a wide range of primers have been introduced into the market, each catering to a different skin type. 


Matte primers are the best choice for those with oily skin. These primers aid in blurring large pores while smoothing fine lines. They, like all primers, increase the longevity of any makeup look. Matte primers are typically made of silicone, which aids in making your skin as smooth and radiant as possible. The charcoal detox matte pure and seamless shine control primers by Viseart create a smooth canvas for makeup products to glide across. 


An illuminating primer gives your face that almost Photoshop-like glow. It blurs, fills in your pores, and gives your face a sheen that is very different from how a glitter-based highlighter works. Even if you don't like the no-makeup makeup look, an illuminating primer is an excellent option if you want to look fresh and dewy, especially if you have dry skin or want to own your oily skin. 

Gold Infused Primer 

Like an illuminating face primer, the gold-infused primer helps give your skin a radiant shine that grabs everyone's attention instantly. The formula contains real gold particles of 24 carats, which ensures that your skin shines brightest and gains maximum benefit when applied. 

Hydrating Primer 

While you apply moisturizing cream before applying primer, locking in extra hydration is needed, especially when you have dry skin. Using a hydrating face primer helps to keep your skin even more nourished and hydrated. It helps lock in the extra vitamins and minerals in the pores, making skin look fresh all day. 

Anti-Aging Primer 

While the basic use of primer is to blur pores and cover fine lines, there are multiple signs of aging that are an inevitable part of life. Using an anti-aging makeup primer can help you cover wrinkles, texture, skin tone, and others. The formulation helps reflect the light, allowing an illusion of youthful and younger-looking skin. 

Create Magic with Simple Tips While Using Face Primer 

Two Primers Are Preferable to One 

Many makeup artists recommend using a hydrating primer first, followed by a pore-minimizing face primer. This way, you'll be able to find the best way to achieve a flawless appearance. 

Remember To Moisturize Before Applying Primer 

Even if you use a hydrating primer, it is critical to moisturize your face. Even a hydrating primer cannot provide all the benefits of a moisturizer. 

Pay Special Attention to Your “T” Zone 

The best way to ensure that your T Zone is well-served is to gently dab enough primer on this area with a single finger. This lotion improves coverage while making it appear blurrier and keeping oil at bay. 

Prime Your Lips as Well 

Priming your lips allows your lip makeup to glide better over your lips and last longer. Even if you haven't purchased a matte lipstick online, this is the best hack for making any lipstick matte and last longer. 

How to Apply Face Primer 

Step 1 – Follow Regular Skincare Routine 


When it comes to skincare, removing your dead skin is basic. Exfoliation using mild scrub helps remove the flaky and dead skin, revealing your pores and allowing for better absorption of products infused with healing properties. 


Once exfoliated, cleansing using mild soap or cleansing milk helps clean your pores from within and ensures no dust or debris is left on the skin. Ensure you are gentle while you cleanse to prevent breakouts. 


Exfoliation and cleansing can make skin and pores slightly inflamed. It is important to hydrate the face to calm down the skin and hydrate it. Using face toner helps hydrate the skin and cool down for a natural glow. 


After hydrating, apply face moisturizer. Use the one that is suitable for your skin and is rich in oils, vitamins, and minerals. 

Step 2 – Apply Face Primer 

After your regular skincare routine, start applying the face primer. The skincare routine helps the pores to open and allows the primer to seep in, giving extra benefits and healing to the skin. Take a pea-sized amount of your favorite makeup primer on your fingertip. Apply the primer all over your face in small dots and then spread to ensure all areas are covered. Ensure you apply a thin coat of primer and not a thick layer, as it can get sticky, clogging your pores. 

Step 3 – Drying Time 

Allowing the primer to dry is essential. Drying time helps the primer to get absorbed in the skin and gives a longer-lasting result. Layering products on wet primer will cause a patchy look and affect the way the primer gives results. 

Step 4 – Do Makeup 

Now that your face is well primed, it is time to rock the mesmerizing looks you want to flaunt with your outfit. 

Get The Best Makeup Primer For A Pristine Finish With Viseart! 

Viseart is India's most loved beauty brand that offers luxurious and useful products at affordable rates. The store doesn't just let you buy primer for women but also makes you go through a wide selection of other excellent makeup products! 

Our primers are fabulous products that can simply uplift your makeup look. While many people do not understand the hype surrounding these products, they are an absolute necessity whether you wear makeup frequently or only occasionally. Whether you want a dramatic or supple look, depending on the primer you use, you can provide the best foundation for your final makeup look with the Viseart face primer itself. We have a variety of face primer price ranges that serve multiple functions. Find the best primer for your skin type with Viseart to achieve the perfect look every time!  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

1. When Should I Use A Face Primer? 

Face primer is a basic product that can be applied daily with or without makeup. It is a must when applying makeup. Always ensure that you use a face primer before layering any cosmetic products like foundation, concealer, etc. Primer is always applied to clean skin; hence, ensure you follow the basic skincare routine. Do not apply makeup primer on skin that is not clean. 

2. Can I Wear Makeup Primer Without Makeup? 

Yes, you can wear makeup primer without makeup. The face primer alone gives you the most natural-looking skin and adds a fresh look. Depending on the type of face primer, you can achieve a matte or illuminating skin instantly without makeup. While you use makeup primer without makeup, it is a must if applying any cosmetic product. 

3. Can I Leave A Face Primer Overnight? 

Removing all your makeup and face primer before bed is preferred to keep skin safe from breakouts. During the entire day, the face is exposed to a lot of pollution and is even layered with makeup. Sleeping without cleaning can lead to acne, skin irritation, and breakouts. 

4. Is It Ok To Use A Primer Every Day? 

Yes, a face primer can be applied to your face daily. It works as a layer of protection between the skin and external factors like pollution, UV rays, cosmetic products, etc. Also, applying primer alone can help you skip your regular makeup routine, as it can make your skin look natural and radiant.