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Who we are

Viseart is a renowned cosmetic brand that evolved over the years to bring the world of beauty and fashion to every woman effortlessly. Viseart is the arbitrator between women all over the world and the french sophistication and beauty standards that defines timeless and revolutionary beauty. Full of french elements and incredible sophistication being easily accessible and part of every women’s beauty secret is what the brand thrives for at all times.

The Tale Of Viseart

In the heart of Paris came into existence a brand that would not only change the game of beauty but also give every woman a chance to be confident and charismatic in her way. Viseart began its journey as a brand in the early 90s and never stopped being part of a women’s true beauty since then. Using innovation, advanced technology and dedication to bring in high-quality products that understand and fulfil all the needs of enchanting and elevated looks that a woman wants to possess is the ultimate goal of the brand.

We have successfully come up with an extraordinary range of viseart makeup products and fashion products to become every women’s companion, conspirator and confidante when it comes to all things beauty and style. Since the initial launch of products, our brand has become the fastest-selling brand worldwide which has spread across continents sharing the secret of la-beaute as a gift of joy to everyone.

The Significance Of Makeup For Us

True beauty is an expression that is spotted in the person’s aesthetics of mind and soul. With makeup, one can get in touch with their feminine side that is confident and mesmerizing enough to turn heads around whenever and wherever they walk. A medium to add beguiling to your personality and define your aura. You can transform yourself in a jiffy into someone who is a visual treat and desirable. Makeup can be a catalyst that prepares you to take anything that challenges your soul with a head held attitude.

Viseart products are formulated makeup with high-quality pigments that has consistency and powdered integrity created in tightly controlled batches. The art of makeup is a creative technique of stirring up the imagination to bring into reality a muse that captivates everyone's attention without any effort. With the right makeup product, you can turn into a self that is a true definition of sophistication and elegance. Viseart brings the exactness and classism of french beauty to the world. This is to bring incredibility and change in beauty standards throughout the globe. The belief in the magic of makeup brings the immense power it has, which spreads the smile and empowerment that every lady requires to feel from within.

Our Mission and Vision

We at Viseart, strive to bring the much-needed revolution in the world of makeup with better formulations and enhanced quality products. We aim to erase the boundaries of beautification and infuse confidence in every soul through our splendiferous range of makeup products. We are passionate about spreading positivity amongst every woman to make them feel beautiful so they could reflect their true potential while opting to have healthy natural skin.

Our purpose is to make every female have easy access and woman availability to cosmetics throughout the globe. We manufacture the finest products that are vegan and cruelty-free to bring along the change in the beauty industry while not compromising at all in catering the best of services to our customers. We evolve constantly as per the trends and courses of the latest fashion to ensure effective distribution and to be key players in the industry. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best choice of cosmetics to maintain an excellent relationship with our trusted customers.

Our Range of Products

We have a full-fledged line of professional cosmetic products that fill every makeup enthusiast with zeal and exhilaration. Our long list of products includes:-

  • Face Make-up Product Range
  • Viseart owns a variety of face makeup cosmetics that are made from innovative formulations. Find a perfect match to your skin right from basic to quintessential products that consist of phenomenal foundations, face primers, concealer corrector palette, compact powders, contouring products, bronzer palette, highlighters and blushers. We offer around 50 product ranges in different finishes and more than 400 shades of face makeup products. We also offer a wide range of makeup brushes and eye makeup brushes to attain perfection in the art of makeup.

  • Eye Make-up Product Range
  • Eyes are a doorway to one's soul and to make them definitive and bewildering we have a complete range of eye-makeup products that are nothing less than magic in themselves. Transform your eyes instantly to flaunt a perfect pair of bewitching eyes with a flawless range of eye products right from kajal pencils, and pencil eyeliner to eye shadows. We also have eye contours and highlighters, shimmer eyeshadow palette, eyebrow corrector kits and more.

  • Lips Make-up Product Range
  • Glam up your beauty game with an extensive range of absolutely alluring Lip products. Viseart presents a lovely collection of exquisite lip products that are astonishing and desirable, quintessential in providing a perfect sculpted lip. With more than 400 shades and 20 products, you can get your hands on the best shades of lipstick, matte liquid lipstick, gloss, lip liners and crayon paints to add a tint of colour to your makeup and flaunt ravishing lips.

Our Worldwide Presence

Viseart is made in France and has various lines of viseart makeup products throughout the world. It is one of the fastest-selling beauty brands in Europe. Moving forward it has managed to confluence its presence on all the continents. A brand that is well known for beauty and cosmetic products that is available in all major countries. To mark our presence and prominence throughout the globe we have around 1200 stores, 200 training institutes, and 350 exclusive kiosk stores and outlets. This is to provide our consumers in every corner of the world with the best of services and premium, luxury products for every beauty enthusiast so they could keep experimenting.


You can check us online at Viseart Official. Viseart has an exclusive online store that displays a complete range of cosmetic products that are fascinating and soul-quenching for every beauty buff. Viseart is a flourishing brand in recent times with the best beauty products online.

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