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Long Wear Flawless Foundation

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Flawless Foundation with Perfect Coverage for All Makeup Looks 

Makeup foundation lays the base of your makeup and helps for a flawless, long stay finish. While there are a wide variety of foundations in the market, the liquid foundation is here to stay and for obvious reasons. Whether sheer, full-coverage, dewy or matte, a liquid foundation can easily help you achieve every look. While you must have heard of quick makeup routines, skipping foundation is never an option. The liquid foundation spreads easily on the skin and ensures that your final look doesn’t appear cakey. 

Formulated using the finest ingredients, the buildable makeup foundation in multiple shades caters to every skin type, allowing for perfect skin. While it spreads evenly on your skin, Viseart's flawless liquid foundation helps provide a moisturizing solution without clogging your pores. It blends smoothly on your primed face and helps cover up wrinkles, fine lines, pores, and uneven skin tone. It reaches tricky areas of your face, giving you a perfect base for any occasion. Our foundation is lightweight and feels comfortable throughout the day. It is time to bring the creative side out and start painting your canvas with the perfect foundation for your skin.  

What are the Different Types of Foundation 

Liquid Foundation 

Many women are confused as to which foundation works best for their skin. When in doubt, going for the best liquid foundation is the perfect solution you need. The water-based formulation of the liquid foundation suits every skin type and helps hydrate the pores, giving you a natural and healthy-looking glow. Liquid foundation is available in different coverage levels, allowing you to choose the perfect one for your makeup routine and style. 

Powder Foundation  

You might have seen many apply a skin tone powder with a puff to layer their imperfections and get glowing skin. The small box of tightly pressed or in loose powder form is the powder foundation that helps give a smooth base. The fine powder consistency of the foundation works great for those with oily skin. The powder helps absorb the oil while giving you a good finish. The powder foundation is ideal for low to medium coverage and can also be combined with a liquid foundation to get rid of the oily T zone. 

You might have seen many apply a skin tone powder with a puff to layer their imperfections and get glowing skin. The small box of tightly pressed or in loose powder form is the powder foundation that helps give a smooth base. The fine powder consistency of the foundation works great for those with oily skin. The powder helps absorb the oil while giving you a good finish. The powder foundation is ideal for low to medium coverage and can also be combined with a liquid foundation to get rid of the oily T zone. 

Cream Foundation 

Cream foundation is available in palette and stick form. It is a perfect formulation of oil, water, and color pigment to help get the flawless foundation finish for your makeup base. The cream foundation spreads easily on the skin and requires using a foundation brush or a damp sponge to help with proper blending. The cream foundation offers medium to full coverage and is ideal for dry, mature skin. 

Liquid Foundation v/s Other Foundation 

When it comes to buying a flawless foundation, there are a few things you might think of considering before making a purchase. Coverage, finish, formulation, benefits to the skin, suitability, etc., are a few things one should look for in the foundation. Liquid foundation is an amazing makeup product that caters to all your needs and seamlessly provides a finish that can turn a dull look into a fun and attractive one. Liquid foundation provides better coverage with minimal application than other makeup foundations. The water-based formulation suits oily, dry, normal, and combination skin types. Being lightweight and having water as a base, the foundation keeps your face hydrated all day long. The single foundation can be used to get a dewy, matte, sheer, and glossy makeup look. While other foundations are targeted for specific skin types and makeup looks, liquid foundation is the all-rounder you must have in your makeup arsenal. 

How to Apply Full Coverage Foundation 

Applying foundation might sound easy, but it is the base and requires perfection to ensure a perfect makeup look. Following certain steps helps you achieve the perfect flawless foundation base that you can use to rock different makeup looks as per the occasion and time of the day. 

Step 1 – Start with a Clean Face 

Everything starts with a clean and exfoliated face. Whether it is skincare or makeup, a clean face helps get the most natural look. Using a mild exfoliating scrub and cleansing solution, wash your face to get rid of all dirt and buildup on the face. This step ensures your pores are clean. Going for deep cleaning once a week is needed to keep skin healthy. 

Step 2 – Prep Your Face 

After cleaning the face, prepping is vital to protect your skin from harmful chemicals or ingredients. Prepping even ensures that your pores are sealed and hydrated to keep your skin looking fresh and youthful. Simply apply moisturizer on your skin and layer it with a face primer. Allow the primer to dry naturally before applying the foundation. 

Step 3 – Apply Foundation 

  • Apply 
  • Pick the liquid foundation shade that matches your skin tone for the most natural finish. Take some amount of the full coverage foundation on the makeup tray or the back of your hand. Apply small dots all over the face using the tip of your finger. 

  • Dab and Blend 
  • Start to spread the dots to cover the entire face with a thin layer of liquid foundation. Whether using a brush, beauty sponge, or fingers, use stippling motion when spreading the foundation. Starting from the center of the face, dab the foundation towards the outer corners. Dabbing or stippling motion helps in smooth blending and ensures a perfect finish. 

  • Build Slowly 
  • When applying foundation, take a small quantity and blend in a dabbing motion. Once your face is covered in a thin layer, see if you need more foundation for the occasion and look you desire. Build the foundation slowly to avoid a cakey and excessive foundation makeup look. 

    Do’ and Don'ts for Applying Liquid Foundation 

    Do Hydrate Your Skin Before Applying Liquid Foundation 

    While liquid foundation helps keep your makeup look hydrated, having naturally hydrated skin before layering cosmetics is vital to protect your skin. It even helps in achieving a better finish of the foundation. 

    Don’t Forget Sun Protection 

    The UV rays through sunlight can damage the skin. When layered with makeup, the UV rays can cause even more damage. Applying sunscreen to protect the base of the skin helps create a makeup look that won’t harm your skin. 

    Do Blend Using The Right Tools 

    Tools and techniques are all that turn makeup into art. While creativity is needed, knowing how to achieve the look is also needed. Depending on comfort and texture, use either a bristle brush or a damp beauty sponge to get an evenly blended liquid foundation. It even helps control the coverage and avoids extra product buildup. 

    Don't Use Too Much Liquid Foundation 

    Excess can always turn any makeup into a big flop. Always be in control when using cosmetics, especially liquid foundation. The foundation offers a buildable formula and full coverage that can easily be controlled when starting in small quantities. 

    Do Bake Your Foundation 

    Baking is a necessary and crucial step in makeup. Baking your liquid foundation ensures it stays all day long without smudging and melting. 

    Pore Less Liquid Foundation for Every Skin Tone and Type 

    There is a myth among the masses that liquid foundation is not meant for people with oily skin. However, the truth couldn’t be further than that. Our range of foundations at Viseart is carefully formulated to lock the hydration in your skin but give you that smooth matte finish. Viseart is one of the leading cosmetics brands across the world that has been people’s favorite for more than 40 years and is now proud to spread its branches in India.  

    Keeping in mind the requirements of any Indian, we have formulated an exclusive range of the best makeup foundations that are hydrating and nourishing for the skin and leave a mattifying effect that does not look cakey and keeps your skin naturally gorgeous. 

    Choosing the Right Shade of Foundation 

    It is said that a high-quality foundation is one that does not make its presence known. It should blend in effortlessly with other products like eye concealer and correctors to create a naturally luminous base for your makeup. 

    There is no bigger makeup hazard than wearing the wrong shade of foundation. Wearing the wrong shade of foundation can not only create an imbalance between the skin tone on your face and neck but also leave you with an ashy base. To avoid this, it is necessary for the liquid foundation to match the color of your skin. At Viseart,  you will find more than 20 shades of premium Viseart foundation that are made specifically for Indian skin tones. Find your shade and achieve that perfect makeup look every day!  

    When choosing the liquid foundation shade, considering a few parameters can turn out to be of great advantage. While knowing your skin tone is vital, understanding the undertone plays a crucial role in choosing the perfect shade of foundation. The undertone can be understood by a simple vein or jewelry test, suggesting warm, cool, and neutral undertones. Other than the undertone, you can even check the shade using the Swatch test. Always check the foundation either on the jawline or the front of your wrist to see how the shades appear on your skin. 

    What is a Full Coverage Foundation? 

    Viseart medium to full coverage foundation sits perfectly on your skin, camouflaging and beautifying the imperfections. The easy to apply, smooth application of the liquid foundation prevents cakey look and allows you to embrace the beauty and artistic side of makeup. Being buildable, the full coverage foundation keeps your makeup in control giving the perfect and flawless look. 

    Why Buy Liquid Foundation from Viseart 

    Choosing a non-oily formula can work like magic when using a liquid foundation. Viseart's full coverage foundation ensures you do not need frequent touch-ups, and your makeup stays flawless throughout the day. It allows you to get your hands on the best formulations that do not melt away with sweat or humid conditions. The long-wear liquid foundation is available in multiple shades to cater to every skin tone. Along with liquid foundation, Viseart offers a spectacular range of other cosmetic products to ensure you achieve a flawless makeup look. With a wide range, the brand takes pride in being a complete vegan and cruelty-free solution to makeup products that are dermatologically tested. With Viseart, you can now get glam-ready and easily experience the luxurious and professional makeup experience.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

    1. Can Foundation be Used on Sensitive Skin? 

    Yes, the foundation can be used on sensitive skin. When choosing the foundation, ensuring to check a few parameters is vital to ensure the sensitive skin is safe. Makeup products can directly impact your skin; using products carefully is necessary. Look for an oil-free, non-comedogenic, fragrance and alcohol-free foundation. A liquid foundation is the perfect water-based solution that protects your sensitive skin while giving a flawless finish. 

    2. Can I Apply Foundation Directly?   

    Using a full coverage foundation over a thin layer of face primer is recommended. The primer works as a protective layer over the skin, preventing cosmetic products from directly contacting the skin. Applying liquid foundation directly on raw and unprepped skin can let the product seep into the pores, clogging them and causing skin problems like acne, breakouts, etc. 

    3. How to Prevent The Foundation from Looking Cakey? 

    Following a simple skincare routine along with the right makeup techniques is all you need to get a flawless foundation base and avoid a cakey look. Always start with exfoliating and hydrating your skin well before applying any product to your face. Layering the skin with a face primer is the second most important step for a smooth foundation. Using the right tools also contributes to the perfect finish when applying liquid foundation. 

    4. What Are The Different Finishes to Try With Foundation? 

    When using a liquid foundation, achieving different finishes can become easy. You can easily achieve a natural, matte, and dewy finish makeup look with the right techniques and products. A single product helps you rock different styles according to the time of the event and your outfit.