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Vibrant Finish Matte Lip Paint - VL

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Premium Long Lasting Waterproof And Smudge Proof Matte Liquid Lipstick

How would you love an easy to apply liquid lipstick that is smooth and creamy on the lips yet have a sharp matte finish that comes second to none? Say hello to the super stay creamy matte lipstick range from Viseart. Who said only diamonds and chocolates are a woman’s best friend? The love that a woman has for liquid lipsticks goes beyond the love for any of those. You will always find a bottle of lipstick in every woman’s purse matching the shade of the lipstick they are wearing they are wearing that day. If there is a makeup product that can turn a woman’s frown into a smile or even a pout, it is lipstick. From a picture-perfect pout to dazzling smiles, there is barely anything a lipstick cannot do. 

From shiny to gloss and shimmery to matte, the lipsticks have taken the world of makeup by storm. Beauty trends and creative makeup looks may come and go but the one product that has made every makeup enthusiast go gaga over it, it is a liquid lipstick.

There Is One Shade For Your Every Mood

From a glamorous Saturday night to a casual day look, every makeup routine is incomplete without a swipe of lipstick. Just how a good blush and contour palette can give you a chiselled look, a good lipstick breathes life on your face making it look more lively. It is believed that the shade of lipstick you wear also says a lot about your mood. On days when you want to let your loud, bubbly and bold personality out, you may subconsciously opt for a bright red shade of lipstick. However, board meetings and formal looks call for subtle nude shades. While a bright, sassy lipstick can instantly light up your face and mood, a subtle shade can add an oomph factor to your look. Viseart is home to an umpteen collection of drool-worthy shades of lip paints where you will find one for your every mood.

There Is No Such Thing As Too Many Lipsticks

Talk to any woman who loves makeup and she will agree with this. Lipsticks are the one thing that looks just as good in contrast as it does in matching shades as your outfits. Depending on your mood, you can switch between nude shades to bold colours. Decide your vibe and express yourself with all the colours in the world by getting your hands on the long-lasting waterproof matte lipsticks from Viseart.

It is said that when it comes to liquid lip paints, the thicker the consistency, the better the results and we totally agree. If the texture of your lipstick is runny, not only will it make it difficult for you to apply it without getting it all over the place, but also have a much lighter pigmentation. You might need to apply two or even three layers of the product on your lips before you get satisfactory results. This is precisely why the lipsticks we produce at “Viseart” are thick, creamy, smudge-proof, waterproof, super pigmented, long-lasting and have a buttery feel that will lee you feeling hydrated throughout the day. No more holding yourself back from eating your favourite food or fearing the heat. Liquid lipsticks from Viseart are designed to not let you down even against the humidity, sweat and heat of India.

What Does Your Go-To Makeup Routine Look Like?

Most people who do not have the time to invest in an elaborate makeup routine would just throw on a good quality liquid foundation and apply their go-to matte lip paint. This tiny (but effective) makeup routine has more potential than one might think. If you look up online, there are several hacks and quick fixes to get an entire makeup look with just a few lip paints. When you are running out of your favourite shade from your shimmer eyeshadow palette, you can pick a similar shade of lipstick and smear some of it on your eyelid with the help of the best eyebrow brushes. The best liquid lipstick will not only give you a more natural finish, but it will also last longer. A matte liquid lipstick with a pinkish hue can make for a great blusher if you blend it perfectly with good quality makeup brushes. If you play your cards right, one good matte lip paint can constitute your entire makeup look giving you one less thing to worry about.

A Boost Of Confidence Packed In A Compact Bottle Of Lip Paint

It is a known fact that when you look good, you feel good. If a stroke of your favourite lipstick is what you need to get through an important meeting or tough day, then go ahead and give yourself that. Shopping for lipsticks online is a pleasure that only makeup lovers can relate to. Scrolling through the endless collection and varieties of lip paints in matte or glossy finish really does act like a stress reliever. If you are having a tough day and your heart wants to indulge in shopping for a long-lasting waterproof matte lipstick then go ahead and bask in the glory of online shopping for lip paints.

Viseart is one of the few makeup brands that understand the requirements of every Indian woman and curates cosmetic products online carefully according to that. We have more than 20 shades of smudge-proof matte lipsticks that will soon become a part of your make-up essentials. All these shades have every colour ranging from nudes to bright and old colours. So indulge in the art of makeup, create innumerable looks and express your mood with the shade of lipstick you are wearing.