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Long Wear Flawless Foundation

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Discover The Best Medium to Full Coverage Liquid Foundation For Flawless Skin

Give Your Makeup An Invincible Foundation

For all the makeup enthusiasts, professionals and even beginners here is a cheat to achieving smooth, perfect and clear skin all day long!

Foundation as the name suggests is the base on which your makeup sits. If the foundation is applied perfectly, no matter what look you decide to go ahead with, you are sure to look effortlessly splendid. A liquid foundation is an inseparable part of every makeup routine which has no substitute, no shortcuts. From minimal no-makeup makeup looks to an elaborate makeup look, foundation has a special place in every routine.

From sheer to full-coverage and dewy to matte, a foundation suits all types of makeup needs. Unlike most makeup products like shimmer eyeshadows or blushes which are better in powdered form, a foundation is preferred in liquid form rather than the usual format for multiple reasons.

The best part about adding liquid foundations to your collection is that they spread easily on the skin. They provide the skin with the much-needed moisturisation without clogging the pores and give your face a clean, smooth and spotless canvas to flaunt your makeup skills on. The best liquid foundation when used in combination with concealer corrector palettes can provide a much better coverage as compared to powdered based foundations. They can fill out the lines and wrinkles giving you a smooth flawless finish each time. Viseart is a brand that cares about its customers and leaves no stone unturned in making makeup a pleasant experience for them. The liquid foundations we offer are light on your skin and spread effortlessly even to tricky areas like the corner of the nose or under the eyes making them worth the Viseart foundation price. The spectrum of shades we offer is curated especially for Indian skin tones making us one of the most loved and reliable brands in the country.

Poreless Liquid Foundation For Every Skin Tone And Type

There is a myth among the masses that liquid foundation is not meant for people with oily skin. However, the truth couldn’t be farther than that. The range of foundations that we produce at Viseart are carefully formulated to lock the hydration in your skin but give you that smooth matte finish. Viseart is one of the leading cosmetics brands across the world that has been people’s favourite for more than 40 years and is now proud to spread its branches in India.

Keeping in mind the requirements of any Indian, we have formulated an exclusive range of the best makeup foundations that are hydrating, nourishing for the skin and leave a mattifying effect that does not look cakey and keeps your skin naturally gorgeous.

Foundation Is Meant To Unify The Tone Without Taking Away The Individuality Of Your Skin

It is said that a high-quality foundation is one that does not make its presence known. It should blend in effortless with other products like eye concealers and correctors to create a naturally luminous base for your makeup.

There is no bigger makeup hazard than wearing the wrong shade of foundation. Wearing the wrong shade of foundation can not only create an imbalance between the skin tone on your face and neck but also leave you with an ashy base. To avoid this, it is necessary for the liquid foundation to match the colour of your skin. At Viseart,  you will find more than 20 shades of premium Viseart foundation that are made specifically for Indian skin tones. Find your shade and achieve that perfect makeup look every day!

Say Hello To The Foundation That Is Made To Last

Our medium to full coverage liquid foundations sits perfectly on your skin camouflaging the imperfections and beautifying it. When you use the easy to apply smooth and flowy liquid foundation on your skin with the best foundation brush, you do not end up covering your skin with thick layers of makeup but embracing its individuality and beautifying it. So you can walk out of the house every day knowing that you are presenting your flawless side for the world to see.

A Non-Oily Formula That Absorbs Excess Oil And Sweat

The best part? There is no need for touchups! Our best makeup foundations are created to last all day long even on the hottest days. Bid farewells to makeup products that melt away with sweat and introduce your makeup box with the Long-Wear Flawless Foundation which shields your makeup from the humidity and sweat. We offer a spectacular formula of water-resistant makeup that stays even when you are underwater.

Stay Quirky And Look Picture-Perfect Always

Select your favourites from the most dependable makeup products online at Viseart. Being one of the leading names in the international cosmetic market, we offer a wide range of eyeshadows, lipsticks, highlights, concealers, foundations and other accessories like high-quality makeup brushes that make your journey with makeup a lot more enjoyable and memorable. Shop from the widest range of premium makeup products online and become a part of the trendsetting community of India.