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Smokey Eyes Makeup: How to Get Smokey Eye with Makeup

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Thinking of eye makeup, a smokey eyes makeup look is the first thing that comes to mind. While it might seem difficult to achieve the perfect smokey effect, knowing the basics of eye makeup with a few additional steps can help you achieve the perfect smokey eyes makeup look. Whether you want to keep it subtle for an everyday look or go glam with a shimmer along with a smokey effect, the smokey eye trend can turn you into a diva, grabbing everyone's attention. While makeup requires practice, with the right beauty products, techniques, and patience, achieving the smokey makeup look can turn into a piece of cake. Here is your complete guide for creating smokey eyes makeup.

Beauty Products Needed for Creating Smokey Eyes Makeup

Makeup Primer

When it comes to doing any makeup look or trend, a must-have product is a makeup primer. You cannot go without a makeup primer if you want to protect your skin and want a vibrant long stay makeup. Use either an eye or face primer to create the perfect smokey eyes makeup look.

Eye Concealer

An eye or under eye concealer is the perfect addition to make your eyes look vibrant, fresh, and bigger. The concealer helps the color pigments to glow and appear deeper and more intense. It will even help cover up any dark circles or marks that can affect the final look of your smokey eyes.

Eyeshadow Kit

While there are a number of eyeshadow palettes on the market with innumerable shades to choose from, having a premium eyeshadow kit is all you need for the perfect smokey eyes. Ensure to buy a palette that has the shade you desire to pick for your smokey eyes makeup look. Use a shimmer palette if you want to add drama with sparkle to create a mesmerizing eye makeup look.

Pencil Eyeliner

Depending on the eyeshadow color you select, you can either use the classic black pencil eyeliner to create those wings or use the colorful eye pencil to get a smooth eye line to complete the smokey look. While pencil eyeliner is perfect for creating black and grey smokey eyes, you can even use it with other colors and create extra drama for your eyes.


While your eyelids are a canvas for eyeshadow, the look will be incomplete without adding volume to your beautiful lashes. Having mascara is a must to complete your smokey eyes makeup. Add a nice voluminous mascara to your makeup bag to add fun to your smokey eyes look.

Blending Eye Brush

There are a plethora of makeup brushes, out of which having a blending eye brush is vital for creating a perfect smokey look. The blending brush design helps to mix the shades smoothly and create an even look. The bristles are soft making it comfortable to use.

Eyeshadow Brush

While you play with colors, using a different set of eyeshadow brush is needed. It helps you precisely pick a color and apply it to different parts of your eyes. Whether it is your eyelid, eyeline, or waterline, using an eyeshadow brush in different sizes helps create perfect smokey eyes.

The Perfect Guide for Smokey Eyes Makeup

Prime Your Lids

After cleansing your face and doing your base makeup, focus on creating the perfect smokey eye makeup. Using the face primer, apply a thin layer on your eyelids and allow it to dry. You can even use a tinted eye primer to add the perfect shine to your eyelids while creating a smooth base.

Conceal and Crease 

Once the primer dries, take a concealer lighter from your skin tone and cover your eyelids. Using the same shade, conceal your under eyes to cover any dark circles on skin redness. If you have tiny eyes, use a darker shade to create a fake crease line. Blend smoothly to ensure that the eyelids appear natural.

Do the Base Color

Use a base eyeshadow color to neutralize the crease and concealer base and cover your eyelid. This will help get an even tone and base for the smokey eyes makeup. Use a skin tone shade from the eyeshadow kit and apply using an eyeshadow brush. Work along the shape of your crease for a natural finish.

Create Gradient Shades

Now that the base is done, it is time for the fun part. Decide the color you want to use to create smokey eyes. Usually, black is the classic option, but you can play around with different colors like grey, brown, purple, and others. Once the shade is decided, use the eyeshadow kit and create a gradient effect. Either use 2 or 3 shades of the same color or play with the intensity of 1 single color. Start from the center, where you apply a mid-tone in the middle, darker on the outer corner, and a lighter color shade on the inner corners of your eyes. Using a blending eye brush, evenly smoothen out all the tree colors for the perfect gradient effect.

Do the Eye Line

Using pencil eyeliner, draw perfect eyeliner to fill out any gaps. To ensure the liner stays long, use the same shade of eyeshadow from the kit and apply it on the top of the liner. This ensures a perfect and long lasting finish. For colorful smokey eyes makeup, use either a colored eye pencil or an eyeshadow of the same color and apply it using an eyeliner brush.

Create the Classic Wing

When it comes to smokey eyes makeup, it seems incomplete without that classic wing. Use the same pencil eyeliner or gel eyeliner to create that perfect wing on both the outer ends of your eyes.

Focus on the Lower Eye Line

While the entire makeup is focused on eyelids, the smokey eyes makeup is incomplete without the lower eye line. Using the same shade from the eyeshadow kit, do a gradient effect and blend around the lower lash line. Apply waterproof kajal on the waterline using the tightlining technique.

Finish with Mascara

To finish your smokey eyes makeup, lay your eyelashes with a nice coat of mascara. The mascara will help add length and volume to your eyelashes and make your eyes look complete. For more drama, use false lashes before applying mascara.

Use the shimmer eyeshadow for the party makeup where you want to go a bit extra. After doing the gradient effect, use the same shade of glitter eyeshadow and apply it to the center of your eyelids. Finish it by microblading, filling your eyebrows, and highlighting the high points. 

While smokey eyes makeup is a common eye makeup look, it is evergreen and looks dazzling for any occasion. Whether you go matte or complete glitter, the eye makeup stands out with every outfit making you look bold and glam instantly. Viseart collection of eye makeup products, including a shimmer eyeshadow kit, pencil eyeliner, and other face makeup ranges, offers you the perfect solution to create flawless looks with the smoothest finish. Offering cruelty-free and vegan solutions to makeup, the Viseart makeup range is what you need to create the best smokey eyes makeup.


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