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A pair of ideally looking natural brows is the secret to an A+ makeup game. There's no doubt that beauty enthusiasts have dug deeper into the trends in makeup throughout these years to come up with inevitably elegant eyebrow curves. From offering laminated arches, bushy fluffs, and soapy highlighted elements, enhancing the eyebrow game has been the ultimate motive for many makeup lovers.
You can expect some good news with the fandom for perfectly defined and sculpted brows. To witness sharp and pointy arches that make a remarkable statement for yourself, we have some concealer makeup hacks that instantly create magic.
A full-coverage concealer is a versatile makeup product that can conceal blemishes and create a sharp, defined look for your eyebrows. This hack will help you achieve clean, well-defined eyebrows with a polished appearance.

Ready to explore the magical brow moments? Read ahead, as now there's no going back!

Step 1: Uncovering the Apt Shade of Concealer

Always focus on the shade of the foundation or concealer palette you pick at your favourite beauty store. As a rule of thumb, choosing a concealer shade lighter than your original skin tone is consistently advisable. This action helps ensure your skin looks fresh, brightening and highlighting the eyebrows without much effort. You can find the right shade by swatching several on your wrist to zero in on the correct concealer makeup match for yourself.

Step 2: Shaping Your Brows

You must be careful while shaping and slaying the brows. Start with a proper arch and avoid creating stray lines that can ruin your look. You can use an eyebrow tweezer to bring in precision and opt for flicks and a smoothening base to apply the concealer makeup. However, remember to keep them moderate; otherwise, they could become seemingly thin and unflattering.

Step 3: The Filling of Your Brows

With the process of shaping and properly making them look refined, it comes time to fill them.
Choose the ultimate weapons, like the concealer palette from your vanity bag, to score those 10/10 eyebrow goals. With our "Long Wear Radiant Concealer", you can witness an irrevocable feel of a waterproof, smudge-resistant wonder effect. Applying this full-coverage concealer involves creating wondrous arches that make grooming your brow hair as simple as walking in the park.

The full-coverage concealer stays longer on your undereye, but you also must keep the fact in mind to make an upward motion for creating small hair-like flicks that will mimic the natural look of your brow hair. Apply a brow powder from your concealer palette to instantly seal in and generate brownie points.

You can also use an eyebrow pencil, powder, gel, or pomade—whatever you feel most comfortable using. Follow the natural appearance of your brows and fill in any sparse areas to create the desired fullness.

Step 4: Outlining and Defining Your Brows with a Full-Coverage Concealer

The much-awaited hack is the definition of the brows. Using Viseart's "Long Wear Radiant Concealer", add a fine layer on the top and bottom of your arches for an instantly practical yet impeccable shape. You can avoid harsh streaks by blending them evenly.

Take the full coverage concealer one or two shades lighter than your original skin tone and apply a small amount to the back of your hand. Dip your angled eyebrow brush or small concealer brush into the concealer.

With the concealer brush, carefully trace the lower edge of your eyebrow, following its natural shape. It will help create a clean and defined line, making the eyebrows stand out and look more polished.

Step 5: Blend and Clean Up the Upper Edges

Use the concealer brush to clean up the upper edge of your eyebrow. This step will help lift the appearance of your brows and make them look more precise.

Gently blend the concealer along the edges of your eyebrows using a clean finger, a makeup sponge, or a small blending brush. Be careful not to smudge the eyebrow; the goal is to blend the concealer seamlessly with your skin.

And voila, there you have it! This concealer hack will define and refine the shape of your eyebrows, giving you a more polished and put-together look. Remember to practice a few times to get the hang of it and adjust the intensity of the concealer according to your preference. To know more about concealer and eye concealer prices, contact Viseart today. Happy grooming!


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