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If There's One Beauty Trend That We Can't Get Enough Of, It Is The Colorful And Funky Eyeshadow Looks!

We are beautifully transiting to funky and poppy eyeshadow colors from the usual nude, black, and shimmer colors. From bright purples to neon greens, these bold shades are taking the beauty world by storm, and we absolutely love them! These funky shades have recently become increasingly popular on social media and in the fashion world. While these playful shades have become a staple for creating unique and eye-catching looks by fashion bloggers, they have also made a special place in our daily makeup routine. 

Some eyeshadow looks are easy to create by using a shimmer palette and the best eyeliner pencil of any unusual color. 

With the growing online shopping trend, we can easily buy best eyeshadow palettes online, further simplifying the makeup process. So, we have created a list of eyeshadow looks to help you decide your best looks and your next online purchase. From no-makeup makeup eyeshadow to the most dramatic smokey eye, the possibilities of experimenting with eyeshadow looks are endless. Here are a few trending eyeshadow trends that will keep you on top of the eyeshadow game. Let's have a closer look-

Pop of Colour

If you're new to colored eyeshadows, a pop of color is a great way to start. Pick a trendy color from the eyeshadow palette, and with the help of a blending makeup brush, deposit the eyeshadow on the inner corners of the eyes. Apply lipstick of a subtle shade with this eyeshadow look.

It takes time and gives a fresh look instantly. Whether you add a pop of Blue to your inner corner or a swipe of pink under your lower lash line, a little color can go a long way in elevating your eye makeup game.

Another way to add color to the eyes is to create a bright-colored cut crease. Create a playful and daring look by using a bright shade on your lid and a deeper shade in your crease to make a cut crease. Pair it with a bold lip for an eye-catching look. 

Bold and Bright

For those feeling a little more daring, bold, bright eyeshadow looks are a must-try. We're talking bright purples, electric blues, and neon greens that will turn heads. So, pick a dark shade from the eyeshadow palette and draw a thick eyeliner of a bold shade. If you are not comfortable using an eyeshadow, you can use an eyeliner pencil to wear this bold eyeshadow. Viseart's eye pencil in Ultramarine shade is the best waterproof eyeliner pencil for this bold and bright look, as the satin application is ideal for creating thick eyeliners.

Just remember to keep the rest of your makeup simple to let your eyes take center stage. Pair it with a nude lip for a balanced look.

Monochromatic Magic

Another trend that we love right now is monochromatic eyeshadow looks. Forget drawing eyeliners of the usual black and white color. Instead, put this monochromatic look that helps you incorporate more creativity into your eyeshadow game.

This technique uses shades from the same color family to create a cohesive, eye-catching look. For example, you could use shades of pink to create a soft, romantic look or different shades of Blue for a cool, edgy vibe.

Similarly, you can create a bold and sultry look by blending pink and purple shades to create a smokey eye. Pair it with a nude lip and a soft blush for a stunning look.

Glitter Galore

If you love a little sparkle, glitter eyeshadows are the way to go. From subtle shimmer to full-on glitter bombs, there are many ways to incorporate glitter into your eye makeup look. And the best thing is glitter eyes are timeless. 

You don't have to be a pro at this. Apply a subtle matte shade underneath a sparkling eyeshadow to pull out the best glitter look. 

Remember To Use A Good Primer To Help The Glitter Stick And Prevent Fallout.

Graphic Liner

Finally, how we forget graphic eyeliners. When you opt for graphic eyeliner, your eyes get all the attention, and everything takes a backseat. Graphic eyeliners reflect the utmost artistic skills as it also involves drawing geometric shapes to bring attention to the eyes. 

Whether you opt for a bold wing or a more intricate design, a graphic liner is a great way to add some personality and edge to your eye makeup look. Plus, it's a great way to show off your artistic skills.

Eyeshadow Shades To Consider For The Latest Makeup Trend

If you are considering buying an eyeshadow palette online, you can look for the below-mentioned colors while checking-out.

Looking at the current trends, these shades will help you to pull out the best funky makeup look- 

  1. Bold Blue and electric green are statement-making colors that are vibrant and can add drama to any eye look. These shades can be paired with neutral shades for a subtle pop of color or used as the main focus of the look. Dramatic smokey eyes or bold winged liners are trending and look the best in bold blue and green colors.
  2. Playful Purple and Neon Pink are perfect ways to add feminity to your look. Purple eyeshadows are perfect for night outs and look perfect with nude lips.
  3. Sunset Oranges – trending orange eyeshadow is a bold and unique choice that adds warmth to your makeup look. Whether you go for a bright tangerine or a soft peach, this eyeshadow pairs well with neutral lips.
  4. Fiery Red – Red shade in any form is a bold and daring color that will add some serious edge to your makeup look. It's perfect for creating a sultry, smoldering eye or a bold graphic liner.
  5. Metallic Shades - Metallic eyeshadows are a great way to add some sparkle to your eyes. Gold, silver, and bronze are classic options, but you can experiment with jewel tones like emerald, sapphire, and ruby for a bold look. The best way is to keep a shimmer palatte and experiment with different eye makeup looks.

Whether you're going for a bold and bright look or a soft and subtle one, with Viseart, there's a shade of eyeshadow that will suit you. So, experiment with these shades and find your perfect eye makeup look!

Things To Keep In Mind When Wearing Colored Eyeshadows -

Now that you have your colored eyeshadows, it's time to create fun, and playful makeup looks. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Keep It Simple

The first thing to remember when wearing colored eyeshadows is to keep the rest of your makeup simple. So, pair your bold eyeshadow with a nude lip and a subtle blush to let the focus be on the eyes. For a clean look and perfectly defined makeup, use the best eyebrow brush.

  1. Mix And Match

When following the latest trends, be bold. Mix and match different colored eyeshadows to create a unique and playful look. Try a bold blue and playful purple combo or a fiery red and electric green look. 

Blending the product well is a must to pull out the desired look. So blend the shades thoroughly with the help of the best blending makeup brush.

  1. Experiment With Texture

Colored eyeshadows come in various textures, including matte, shimmer, liquid, and glitter. Experiment with different textures to add dimension and depth to your eye look. Make sure to use an excellent primer to prevent smudging.

Viseart provides an extensive range of eye makeup products including best eyebrow brush, blending makeup brush, shimmer palette, etc. Buy eyeshadow palette from Viseart’s website and experiment with cool and funky looks for your next outing or party.


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