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Highlight Sculpting – VSC01

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Enhance Your Natural Features with The Best Face Highlighter Powder

Elevate Your Beauty And Attain The Desired Sculpted Look

Any makeup professional will agree with us that in order to achieve any desired look, if they had to pick only three makeup products from their bag, they would pick a blusher, a contour and a highlighter. They are the front soldiers in a war that can help you win any battle with ease. After all, the purpose they collectively share is all that anyone can want in any makeup look. A contour will help you to skillfully sculpt your face giving you that chiselled look without much effort. A blusher will add just the right amount of colour to your face giving it a natural touch and a highlighter will attract all attention to the best features on your face. 

What if we told you there was a way to combine all three of these products into one compact palette?

Say hello to the ultimate PASSION HIGHLIGHTER/CONTOUR/BLUSHER PALETTE – VHB201 from Viseart. This beautiful palette is an amalgamation of three gorgeous products- Highlighter, Blusher and a Contour. This travel-friendly compact palette is all you need to ace any look you want to create, even on the go.

Illuminate Your Face And Get A Glass Skin Effect With Minimal Efforts

Everyone loves a makeup look that is all about sharpness, glitter, colours and glow. A quick fix to achieving a perfectly glowing face is by adding a highlighter to your makeup routine. Every makeup look needs a good quality highlighter that can help you to attract light to your high points. Your eyebrows, the top of your cupid bow and your cheekbones are the places on your face where light naturally hits. You can dramatically change the way your makeup looks by just adding a bit of face highlighter powder with precision. When applied correctly with a highlighter brush, this product can do wonders to your face.

This one magic product when paired with the right kind of contour powder palette can redefine certain areas on your face, accentuate the brilliance of your natural features and give you that subtle sun-kissed glow that looks surreal. 

Viseart is the leading cosmetic brand and has been the market leader in the States for over 4 decades. We are proud to now introduce our products to the Indian market. With our years of experience and expertise, we have gained an understanding of what women want from their makeup. We understand your requirements and thrive to provide you with just that. Innovation and quality are the pillars on which the empire of Viseart is built. The practice of combining products that you will make the most use of is just a way to add value to your shopping experience.

Get A Natural-Looking Glow That Makes Your Day Just As Bright As Our Face Highlighter

A highlighter is not just a topping to your makeup; it is that essential powder that completes your entire look. After you have perfected your base and made the most out of your eyeshadow makeup kit, finish the look with face highlighter makeup completes your look.

From gala dinners to everyday subtle no-makeup makeup looks, your makeup is incomplete without a stunning highlighter. It is a great way to draw attention to those perfect features of your face that you are proud of. When you apply your highlighter perfect sheen enhances your makeup and accentuates natural features.

The lazy, effective and quickest way to introduce a healthy glow to your skin is here. Viseart is delighted to introduce the creamiest, super pigmented, long-wear highlighter powder and contour palette that will give an unmistakable illuminating effect to your face. Who doesn't like glass skin? However, attaining and maintaining a clear glass skin is next to impossible considering our diet and lifestyles. That does not mean you have to hold yourself back from getting your desired looks. Create any look you want from subtle daytime looks to elaborate gala dinners with the best highlighter for face from Viseart.

Add the perfect oomph to your cheekbones with the premium illuminating highlighters from Viseart. A highlighter works the best when it comes to a tone that matches your skin tone. If you are in search of pigmented highlighter powders then you are in just the perfect place. We have got your back. From subtle pinks to softer browns, we have it all.

The best part? Their fine and micronised texture sits very well on the skin when applied with a professional makeup brush set and does not give you that typical cakey look. The micronised texture tones the skin very well and forms a thin layer of makeup on your face that look just like your natural skin but better.

Here’s Why You Need To Get Your Hands On The Viseart Highlighter

It is the most premium quality product available in the market that glides on your skin smoothly and gives you a shine that looks radiant and natural. If applied with expertise, the Viseart highlighter can enhance your facial bone structure and create depth on your face.

The premium highlighter from Viseart is formulated in a way that makes your liquid foundation look more skin-like and blended in.

If you are an animal lover like us, you wouldn’t want your makeup box to be a reason for any kind of harm caused to them. The makeup brushes and beauty products online at Viseart have not to be tested on our furry friends and dermatologically tested in laboratories to ensure they are safe to use on your skin.

With shopping from Viseart, comes the trust and promise of uncompromised quality. We have been the market leaders in the USA and several countries in the middle east for more than 40 years. We have never let our customer's faith down and intend to give the best of quality. So when you shop for face highlighter or any other makeup product from Viseart, you can rest assured of the quality of the products.