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Face Highlighter and Contouring for the Perfect Makeup Glow 

Highlighter makeup is always the go-to option when you want that extra dose of shine and a luminous finish for an occasion. While a highlighter is not enough for a perfect look, three simple cosmetic products can help you achieve the best makeup look. Using highlighter along with contour and blush can bring out the most natural radiance with an enhanced and sculpted glow. A contour will help you to skillfully sculpt your face, giving you that chiseled look without much effort. A blusher will add just the right amount of color to your face, giving it a natural touch, and a highlighter will attract all attention to the best features of your face.  

What if we told you there was a way to combine all three of these products into one palette? Say hello to the ultimate passion blush, contour, and highlighter palette from Viseart. This beautiful palette is an amalgamation of three gorgeous products that can instantly help you elevate your makeup look. This travel-friendly compact palette is all you need to ace any look you want to create, even on the go. 

How to Use a Blush, Contour, and Highlighter Palette? 

While makeup is art, knowing simple tricks and techniques is all you need to rock the perfect and mesmerizing look. Using a face highlighter contour blush palette in combination helps achieve any look. The combination of three in a single palette allows for easy access to achieve the perfect look. Here is how to use the multi-purpose contour and highlighter palette for doing your glam makeup: 

Step 1 – Start With Prepping Your Face 

Start to exfoliate and prep your skin for makeup. Exfoliation and cleansing help get clean and healthy skin before applying makeup. Once clean, apply moisturizer and face primer. Moisturizer hydrates the skin, whereas primer helps lock the hydration and create a blemish-free canvas for foundation, face highlighter, blush, and other products. 

Step 2 – Do the Base 

Before using a highlighter and contour palette, creating a base with foundation and concealer helps hide any flaws and get rid of uneven skin tone. Ensure that you use foundation and concealer based on your skin tone, undertone, and types of marks and blemishes on your skin. Layer foundation, color corrector, concealer, and blend to create an even, smooth base. Bake the base makeup using loose or compact powder. Baking is essential to help prevent base stay longer. 

Step 3 – Use the Blush, Contour, and Highlighter Palette 

The face highlighter, blush, and contour palette have a single shade of each makeup product to use instantly for a perfect chiseled look. Take the contour shade and sculpt your face to create a shadow effect. Contouring will help shape your face and make it look slimmer and sharper. Along with lines of contour, apply blush and highlighter. While contour will add shadow, highlighter will help add light, and blush will make your skin look natural and pink. Blend all three well using the correct makeup tools for a perfect finish. Use a damp sponge or different brushes to apply blush, contour, and face highlighter. 

Step 4 – Complete the Rest Makeup and Using Setting Spray 

Complete your eye makeup that suits your time, occasion, and outfit. Add some sparkle to your eyes using the highlighter palette to make them shine. Once the entire makeup is done, it is vital to set the makeup to ensure it stays all day long. Use one or two spritz of setting spray in an ‘X’ or ‘T’ shape from an elbow distance. Allow the setting spray to dry before applying the lipstick to complete your look. 

Where to Use Highlighter Palette on Face 


Highlighting the top of your forehead helps add dimension to your face. Apply a small amount of highlighter from the contour and highlighter palette on the temple around the hairline. The highlighted forehead helps keep your look glowing and doesn’t let it go flat. Ensure to have a gentle hand and blend well to avoid a sparkling forehead. 


Cheekbones are one of the high points of your face that grab everyone’s attention. After contouring, applying blush and face highlighter on the cheekbones helps achieve an uplifted face appearance. The simple trick is to go in an upward stroke while applying and blending the highlighter and other products.   

Nose Bridge 

When it comes to the nose, it is the center high point of the face. Using highlighter makeup on the nose helps radiate and reflect light from the center to the entire face, giving a luminous finish look. While applying face highlighter is a trick, applying a small amount on the mid-bridge of the nose and the tip helps perfectly accentuate your makeup. 

Cupid’s Bow 

The cupid’s bow is the perfect point to highlight for achieving soft and plump-looking lips. A small amount of face highlighter in the center makes your makeup go a level up instantly. 

Around the Eyes

While eye makeup helps grab everyone's attention, playing with highlighter makeup look for eyes can make them look mesmerizing and alluring. Highlighting the inner corners, under the eyes, and the center of the eyelids helps draw attention to the eyes and reflect a shine. 

Brow Bone 

Highlighting the brow bone helps to add dimension to your face. It helps to give structure to the eyes. Apply highlighter powder on the corner tips of the brows for a perfect look. 


Other than the face, you can use the face highlighter on the other parts of the body. Use the contour and highlighter palette to accentuate your collarbone and décolletage. This helps you to get a perfect look and rock the occasion with your style. 

Benefits of Using Highlighter, Contour, and Blush Palette 

Enhance Facial Features 

Whether you have sharp features or want to accentuate your features, a simple trick using a combination of contour and highlighter makeup can solve the issue. While contouring will help shape your features, highlighter will help enhance them by adding a touch of shine and sass to your makeup look. 

Gives Youthful Appearance 

You can easily achieve a younger appearance when you contour, highlight, and add blush to your face using tips and techniques. Highlighter helps reflect light at angles that give you a youthful look and energy for every occasion. 

Adds Light and Vibrance to the Face 

Face highlighter powder or palette contains particles formulated with sheer shine. This shimmer formulation helps radiate and reflect sunlight, making your skin look even more vibrant when in light. For night occasions, the highlighter helps catch the eyes of everyone with your glittery look. 

Sculpts Your Face 

Contouring is a simple technique that helps shape and sculpt your face. Using the blush, contour, and highlighter palette, you can easily achieve the chiseled look and make your face look perfect. The trick is strategically placing the contour and highlighter to create lights and shadows for your face. 

Gives You a Healthy Flush 

Using the palette with contour, blush, and highlighter helps you achieve a naturally glowing look with a flush of pink for a youthful look. Using the blush helps add a blood rush look, which makes your skin look supple and fresh. 

Makes You Photo-Ready 

The all-in-one blush, contour, and highlighter palette helps you get the perfect makeup look for that perfect picture. The palette has a blend of 3 products, allowing you to create unique looks that shine brightly wherever you go. 


As you get 3 products in one single box, it becomes easy to carry whenever you want to do instant touch-ups. This makes the blush, contour, and highlighter palette travel-friendly and a must-have in your makeup arsenal. You can brush up on your makeup on the go to be glam-ready any time of the day. 

Different Makeup Looks to Try Using the Blush, Contour, and Highlighter Palette 

Sun-Kissed Look 

Sun kiss effect is the trending makeup look that is here to stay. A nice, tinted effect and the glow of natural sunlight make your skin glow. Using the highlighter palette along with some blush and tinted foundation is all you need. After doing your base makeup, add a flush of blush to your face, layered with a highlighter powder to add a sparkling glow. Go for a darker shade of highlighter for a sun-kissed look. 

Metallic Finish  

A metallic look with holographic makeup can change your regular makeup into fun and drama. While using metallic shades helps, you can achieve the look by using the contour and highlighter palette. Using the dark shade of face highlighter helps give you a metallic finish and instantly elevates the style game. 

Chiseled and Sculpted Look 

Sometimes, going bold with minimal makeup can work like magic. Sculpting your facial features for a sharp look, followed by a dash of highlighter makeup, is what it takes to create a statement look. Contour the face to give structure using the contour and highlighter palette. Then, use highlighter powder to add light at high points of the face. 

Natural Glow 

A natural glow is all we look for in a daily and subtle makeup look. Whether you know makeup mastery techniques, using the correct products can still help you achieve a minimal look. Using blush and highlighter powder helps to bring the natural rush of blood and skin glow instantly. 

Why Use a Highlighter for a Natural-Looking Glow with Viseart Face Highlighter 

A highlighter is not just a topping to your makeup; it is that essential powder that completes your entire look. After you have perfected your base and made the most out of your eyeshadow makeup kit, finish the look with face highlighter makeup that completes your look.  

From gala dinners to everyday subtle no-makeup makeup looks, your makeup is incomplete without a stunning highlighter. It is a great way to draw attention to those perfect features of your face that you are proud of. When you apply your highlighter, the perfect sheen enhances your makeup and accentuates natural features. 

The lazy, effective, and quickest way to introduce a healthy glow to your skin is here. Viseart is delighted to introduce the creamiest, super-pigmented, long-wear highlighter powder and contour palette that will give an unmistakable illuminating effect to your face. Who doesn't like glass skin? However, considering our diet and lifestyles, attaining and maintaining clear glass skin is next to impossible. That does not mean you have to hold yourself back from getting your desired looks. Create any look you want, from subtle daytime looks to elaborate gala dinners, with the best highlighter for the face from Viseart. 

Add the perfect oomph to your cheekbones with the premium illuminating highlighters from Viseart. A highlighter works best when it comes to a tone that matches your skin tone. If you are in search of pigmented highlighter powders, then you are in just the perfect place. We have got your back. From subtle pinks to softer browns, we have it all. 

The best part? Their fine and micronized texture sits very well on the skin when applied with a professional makeup brush set and does not give you that typical cakey look. The micronized texture tones the skin very well and forms a thin layer of makeup on your face that looks just like your natural skin but better. 

Why Do You Need to Get Your Hands on the Viseart Highlighter? 

Viseart Face Highlighter glides smoothly on your skin, giving a radiant and natural look. Whether you are a newbie or an expert, knowing what a contour and highlighter palette can transform your makeup game in a snap. The simple formulation of the highlighter palette helps enhance your facial structure and adds depth to your face. With Viseart, you can get hands-on premium quality that makes blending layers of makeup smooth and allows you to get a perfect professional makeup look.  

Besides the quality of ingredients, the process of formulation is what needs to be considered. Especially for animal lovers, styling with vegan and cruelty-free products helps create a statement without guilt. Viseart ensures that your makeup vanity is free from any harmfully tested products. Each cosmetic product and tool is dermatologically tested in laboratories and offers uncompromised quality. Being pioneers in the fashion industry for 40 years, we at Viseart never let our customers' faith down. With the intent to give the best quality, we assure you the best face highlighters and other makeup products that fit your style.