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Let's face it: we use our lipsticks a lot. Aside from the constant talking and movement of our mouths, our lip products must withstand our morning iced matcha, an afternoon snack, as well as at least three meals per day. We can assist you if you find yourself constantly touching up your lipstick or simply avoiding lipstick altogether to save time. Continue reading for 7 tried-and-true makeup tips to help your lipstick last until you reach for your cleansing balm before bed.

  • Exfoliate

The key to a smooth application is to start with a solid foundation. Regardless of the season, many people experience dry lips at some point. Using a lip scrub leaves your lips hydrated and smooth, making it easier for lipstick to adhere. With its conditioning ingredients, the gentle scrub buffs away roughness and leaves lips soft, helping to combat post-lipstick dryness.

  • Prime

Priming is an important step that is frequently overlooked to maximize the wear of your lip color. You should start with a matte primer when you need your lipstick to last for hours (and withstand elements like sweat). It prepares the canvas and helps to lock in the color on your lips for longer wear. Using matte concealer instead of primer, which also neutralizes the natural tones of the lip to enhance the true tones of lipstick color, is a less-used technique that can come in handy in a pinch.

  • Line

Liner has always been and will always be the most important step in the lipstick application process. It's the best way to prevent lipstick from feathering or bleeding outside the natural lips and into fine lines, especially when eating or humidity are factors. When using your lipstick, feathering creates a sloppy look that is difficult to fix, making lip liner even more important. Pro tip: Instead of lining the outer edges, fill in the entire lip after lining the outer edges to ensure the color lasts longer. Just make sure you use a color that is similar or matching!

  • Blot

If you want to set up your lip for long-term success, blot, and repeat is the way to go. After applying the first coat of your lipstick, blot the color with a tissue. After that, apply a second coat of lipstick. It works better if the second coat is dabbed and twisted to get rich color in every crack and crease.

  • Powder

This trick is only necessary if you need your lipstick to last for very long hours without needing touch-ups or being concerned. Apply a very thin layer of translucent powder to the applied lip shade. It will set your face makeup and ensure that your lipstick stays put. You can even apply a final coat of any lipstick to the powdered lips for a pop of color and added reassurance.

  • Matte Lip Paint

Matte lip paint, particularly liquid lipsticks, last longer on the lips than soft and creamy bullet lipsticks. If you know you'll be out all day and won't have time to touch up your lipstick, choose a long-wearing matte lip paint. Viseart matte liquid lipstick, for example, will give you a flawless matte finish that will last up to 16 hours. Applying a lip balm or lip gloss on top will reduce the longevity of the lipstick.

  • Avoid Oily Food

Food oil and grease act similarly to an oil-based makeup remover. They disintegrate your lipstick and make it move around. Oily foods cause your matte liquid lipsticks to fade as well as smudge your lipstick outside of your lip line, giving you a sloppy appearance. If you want any lipstick to last longer, avoid eating oily foods. Instead, choose dry foods that can be broken into smaller chunks and eaten with a spoon or fork. The less contact your lips have with the food, the better!

With these six lipstick tricks, you can easily make your lipstick stay all day long. Whether it's exfoliating your lips, using a lip primer, layering your lipstick, or using a setting spray, there are plenty of techniques to choose from. By following these 7 tips, you can achieve a flawless and long-lasting pout that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful all day. So go ahead and give these tricks a try and see how they transform your lipstick game!

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