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Nothing evolves faster than makeup trends and looks. Makeup enthusiasts know how rapidly the newest makeup looks keep updating. So, 2023 is not an exception to bringing the latest makeup looks with it for you. No matter what the season is, dazzling blue eyeshadow makeup always stays in style. A blue shade in your eyeshadow kit will never make you settle for less by offering the coolest look to your eyes. From having subtle to shimmer eye shadow in your makeup kit, you can create every eyeshadow look you fantasize about. To add more to your list, we have shared the 8 pretty blue eyeshadow looks for 2023 to make your looks mesmerizing and coolest.

  1. Smokey Blue Eyes

To create and give your eyes a soft and beautiful smoky look, you must have lighter and darker shades of blue in your eyeshadow kit. Pick the lighter shade of blue and blend it on your eyelid well, moving towards the crease. Once you blend softly, pick a darker shade of blue, or you can use black eyeshadow as well to create a smoky effect. Start by blending into the outer corner of your eyes and towards the crease. Make sure to blend the lighter and darker shades well to look like a seamless gradient. You can add a touch of shimmer where both the shades meet to get a shimmer makeup look. 

  1. Cut The Crease with Bolder Blue

You can try this one to create a bold look with the coolest blue eyeshadow shade. Apply the lighter blue shade on your eyelid and blend it well. Pick the dark blue eyeshadow shade and form a sharp edge from the crease to the outer corner of your eye. Blend both shades beautifully. Finish it by applying a white highlight on your brow bone to make it look bolder. 

  1. Enrich The Blue with Enough Gold

Who doesn't love to make the eyes sparkle? You can create a stunning and unique look that makes your eyes pop. Grab the lighter blue shade and apply it to the inner corner of your eyes. Then apply a golden hue on the center of your eyelid, blending it well with the lighter blue. Complete the look by applying the darker blue shade on the outer corner of your eyes, creating a gradient effect.   

  1. Eye Waterline That Shines Blue

This is something unique that you can experiment with your eyes if you are looking to try something new. Apply a neutral shade of blue to your eyelid and keep it simple. Pick a blue eyeliner and liner brush it on your waterline. You can also use blue shimmer eyeliner to create a more eye-catching look. Also, remember to highlight your eyelashes with mascara.

  1. A Flying Blue Winged Eyeliner

You can go for this eyeshadow look when you are looking for something simple yet significant. Add a neutral blue shade to the brush and apply it on your eyelid, blending it towards the crease. With blue eyeliner, draw a winged line on your eyelid. Add a silver eyeshadow on your brow bone to complete the look. 

  1. Lower Lash Line That Smiles Out Blue

If you are willing to make your eyes pop, this eyeshadow look is best for you. Add a shade of neutral blue to your eyelid. Blend it softly towards the crease. Once done, grab a blue eyeliner and apply it on your lower lash line forming a beautiful curvy wing. Brush your eyelashes with mascara to finish your look. 

  1. Befriend The Blue with Purple

This eyeshadow look works right to make your eye pop and look rich. Pick your favourite blue shade and apply it to the eyelid. Blend it towards the crease. Now get the purple eyeshadow and blend it on the outer corner of your eye towards the crease. Shine them out by adding a silver eyeshadow on your brow bone. 

  1. Bolder Eyes with Metallic Blue

You can easily create a bolder, more futuristic look with metallic blue eyeshadow. Blend light blue eyeshadow on your eyelid towards the crease. Then apply a metallic blue eyeshadow and blend it well into the crease. Define your eyelid and lashes with eyeliner and mascara. Then use a silver eyeshadow or white highlighter on your brow bone to shine out beautifully.

So, what are you waiting for? Try this newest eyeshadow makeup look for 2023 sooner. If your favourite eyeshadow palette doesn't have a range of blue eyeshadow shades, you can pick one from Viseart. Our online makeup store has a variety of makeup products and accessories that beautify each woman. Viseart eyeshadow palette is curated with high-quality ingredients that suit every skin type. The unique range of shades and the quality are worth the eyeshadow palette price. You will enjoy experimenting with smooth feather-like shades to create a pretty eyeshadow look.


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