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After a long wait of more than an entire year, here comes the first festival. Yes, it is Makar Sankranti! The festival is filled with flying kites, decorations, parties, and bonfires. And this calls for trying new and versatile makeup. Here is a gorgeous makeup look that you can create on this Sankranti.

It is always a good idea to guard your makeup to enjoy the festival to the fullest. 

A touch-up to the makeup can be done at any time. But it is a great idea to choose long-lasting makeup and eliminate the need to reapply. Viseart offers an extensive range of makeup products online to make your choice. With our safe and affordable makeup products online, you can elevate your makeup game and look your best on this Sankranti. 

Base makeup 

At the core of a gorgeous look is the perfect base. When you want a flawless makeup look, it is crucial to focus on the base makeup first. A good primer is a must to get even skin for makeup. If you are experiencing blemishes on your face, you can buy primer in advance. Undoubtedly, there will be a lot of photographs clicked on Sankranti day. The best foundation will give smoothness and reflect an even complexion. Viseart's Golden Promise 24K Serum is an illuminating primer that minimizes the pores and gives a face sheen that is important for Sankranti glow. What gives your face that almost Photoshop-like glow.    

Dark circles are a common concern because of stress and other lifestyle factors. Don’t worry! A skin-friendly makeup range can fix dark circles instantly with a good quality concealer. Concealer makeup can take your makeup game to another level. Apply dots of Viseart long-wear radiant concealer on focal points and achieve a spotless look in seconds.

Its ultra-pigmented formula smartly conceals tired eyes and blemishes and highlights parts of your face to bring a perfect contour. 

Face Makeup  

Doing the right face makeup is the ultimate game-changer. A pop of color on the cheek gives a healthy glow. Rosy cheeks are timeless and look stunning! Use a natural blush shade that goes well with your bronzers and highlighter. While a blush creates a lifted look, a highlighter enhances the Sankranti makeup look. Further, you can add bronzer to contour you’re and get a sculpted look.

Formulated for all skin types, Viseart’s blush bronzer highlighter palette is the perfect match because you do not have to purchase three different products. You are good to go by buying one palette from Viseart’s wide range of Viseart’s makeup products online. 

Eye makeup

Let your eyes do the talking! Waterproof eye makeup is a must for all occasions. Apply eyeshadow shades that match your skin tone and give a youthful and healthy look. However, you can also choose to apply a single shade of eyeshadow and top it with an eyeliner from Viseart’s eyeliner range of eye pencils in five eye-popping shades- Jet Black, Metallic Blaze, Intense Gold, UltraMarine, Champagne Sparks.

A winged eyeliner always attracts compliments. If you are new to winged eyeliners, Viseart’s liquid eyeliners and eyeliner pencils will be an excellent option for drawing a fine line with precision. To get that final Sankrant look, fill up your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. 

Use eyeliner and kohl to define your eyes perfectly. With Viseart’s eye makeup range, you can create multiple looks with minimum effort. Lastly, if you wish to make a dramatic look, You can choose a smokey eye followed by a few coats of waterproof mascara.

Perfect lip makeup

Moving towards lip makeup! A bold lipstick can transform your complete look.

Reds, corals, and apricots are the colors that are the go-to colors for festivals, and Makar Sankranti is no exception. Well, everybody has their favorite lipstick shade. Apply your favorite lipstick shade on moisturized lips that go well with your outfit. Viseart lipsticks have a creamy texture that prevents creases and ensures your lipstick stays intact for long hours. If you want step-by-step lip makeup, start with defining your lips with a lip liner and apply the lipstick with the help of a brush. A pressed powder can keep the entire makeup look sweat-proof and long-lasting.

As a final step, magically lock your makeup with a makeup setting spray.

Flaunt your confident personality with the perfect makeup. Update your makeup collection with Viseart's makeup range. Our cosmetics range is super long-lasting and suitable for all skin types.

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