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How To Apply Lipstick for Your Skin Tone: Choosing the Perfect Shades

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When you apply lipstick, ensuring that it stays all day long without feathering is all you need. Overall, makeup is an art that requires precision and practice. With simple tricks, techniques, and correct products, you can achieve flawless makeup along with a pop of color with beautiful shades of lipstick. A dash of color has the power to change the mood of the entire outfit and occasion. You can instantly go from subtle to bold with just a single glide of lipstick. But the simple question is, how do you perfectly apply lipstick? Before you learn the best way to get long lasting lip color, let us see what you require for perfect lip makeup.

Lip Makeup Essentials for Perfect Look

Lip Scrub

A lip scrub is a simple yet very effective product for naturally getting soft and supple lips. While makeup enhances your lips, scrub helps to exfoliate and maintain their naturally smooth texture.

Lip Primer

When you apply lipstick, to make it stay longer, you should always incorporate a lip primer. The primer works as a base coat and locks in the hydration of your lips. It helps fill in creases and lines, giving your liquid or matte lipstick a smooth base.

Lip Liner

A lip liner comes in different shades, similar to the shades of lipstick. It helps you define the shape of your lips by giving them a perfect outline. The lip liner is in pencil shape, giving you precision main drawing a perfect outline and enhancing the shapes of your lips. Use a lip liner to create fuller or smaller lips instantly.  


The perfect addition of colors to your cosmetic bag is lipstick. There is a huge variety of lipsticks that serve different looks. A few types of lipstick textures you must have include:

  • Liquid lipstick
  • Matte lipstick
  • Sheer lipstick
  • Satin or Velvet lipstick
  • Cream lipstick
  • Lipstick palette
  • Metallic lipstick

With the different textures and shades, you can create an endless number of looks that can match different attire and ambiance. The texture and shade of lipstick can transform the mood and build a personality wherever you go.

Lip Gloss

A lip gloss is a must-have lip makeup in your beauty arsenal. When nothing works, a simple pigmented lip gloss can make your lips pouty and plump. It adds the shine your lips need, making the lipstick shade shine brighter. A simple application of gloss on the top of lipstick can instantly give you a shiny and fuller appearance.

How to Prep Before You Apply Lipstick

1. Exfoliate

When it comes to skin, we often take good care but forget our sensitive lips. Like the entire face skin, the lips require a gentle scrub to help get rid of any dead skin and exfoliate them for smooth and supple lips. Using a lip scrub or a DIY sugar scrub, massage your lips. Be soft and gentle, as the lips are very sensitive. Exfoliation helps fight lip pigmentation, removes dead skin, and provides a smooth base to apply lipstick.

2. Hydrate

Once your lips are hydrated, it requires pampering with lots of hydration. Hydrated and moisturized lips look supple and plump, adding a natural pink shine to your lips. Use any lip balm or lip moisturizer that is suitable for your skin and gently apply it to your lips. Hydration ensures that matte or liquid lipstick doesn’t cause chapped lips and maintains the vibrancy of lipstick shade.

3. Prime Your Lips

Once your lips are exfoliated and hydrated, they are naturally healthy and ready to wear the beautiful shades of lipstick. Before you apply lipstick, it is essential that you apply a thin layer of lip primer. Like a face primer, lip primer acts as a protective layer and prevents lip color pigments from entering your lips' pores. It even helps create a smooth base and fill in any creases or lines for a smooth finish. Never skip a primer for flawless and long lasting lipstick.

How to Apply Lipstick

Step 1: Apply Concealer

After prepping your lips, it's time to start adding the flush of colors to your lips. Before that, it’s better to conceal the lips using concealer if you have any blemishes or spots on your lips. The concealer even ensures that your regular lipstick looks brighter, and you get a smooth base to create a well-defined lip shape. Choose a concealer shade to match the natural lip color and blend for a smooth finish.

Step 2: Line Your Lips 

Once you conceal the lips with concealer, you can move ahead to line your lips using a lip liner. The simple step allows you to create smaller or fuller lips as per your makeup style and helps prevent liquid lipstick from feathering. Line your lips using a darker shade and just below your lip line for a thinner appearance. Then, blend the lip liner using a lip brush to create an illusion of smaller lips. For a fuller and plump appearance, use a lip liner and outline the outer edges of your lips.   

Step 3: Apply Lipstick

Now that you have created an outline and defined your lips, take your favorite lipstick shade and start applying. Whether going for a liquid or matte lipstick, begin from the center of your lips. Glide towards the outer corners to create a perfect lip shape filled with vibrant colors. Let the lip liner be the outline for your lips and cover the entire part with the beautiful pigments of lipstick shade.

Step 4: Blot the Lipstick

A simple blotting technique allows your lipstick to stay longer. Blotting allows you to control any excess lipstick and prevents smudging and feathering. Once you apply lipstick, take a tissue or a napkin and gently press it between your lips. Any excess lipstick pigment will get transferred to the tissue, making your lipstick smudge-proof and staying all day.

Hacks to Apply Lipstick for Perfect Finish

1. Use Concealer to Define Lip Shape

While concealer helps create a uniform shade and base for your lipstick shade, it also helps define your lip shape. You can use shades of concealer to create thinner or fuller lips by playing with the shading technique and carefully using lip liner to draw a new lip outline.

2. Warm Lipstick Before Applying

To apply lipstick perfectly, always warm it between your palms. Warming the lipstick shade makes the lip shade brighter and gives you a smoother texture. It even helps to set the lipstick beautifully on your lips without smudging.

3. Highlight Cupid’s Bow

A simple dash of highlighter on the cupid’s bow can enhance the lips and their shape. Apply a small amount of highlighter on your fingertip to the center of your cupid bow for a fuller and plump appearance.

4. Use Translucent Powder

Blotting helps remove excess pigment, and using a translucent powder helps set your lipstick. After blotting, dust some powder and allow it to set. They reapply another layer of lipstick for rich and long-lasting pigment.

Tips to Buying a Lipstick

1. Understand your Undertone

When buying a lipstick, you should first consider your skin shade and undertone. It helps you understand which shade of lipstick suits your skin best. Depending on the warm, cool, neutral undertone and fair, medium, or deep skin shade, you can easily shop for the best lipstick shades.

2. Know The Types of Lipstick 

Different textures work beautifully based on occasions and time of the day. While a matte lipstick might look perfect for your regular office day, adding a shiny satin lipstick might change the mood for a festive occasion. Know the different textures of lipstick and have one of each for a complete look every time.

3. Check Lipstick Formulation

Look for formulations and ingredients in lipstick to ensure it is the best addition to your makeup arsenal. The formulations make your lipstick waterproof, smudge proof, long lasting, lightweight, and budge free. The ingredients ensure a smooth texture and keep your lips baby soft.

4. Match Shade with Eye Color

A simple trick to finding the best shade of lipstick for your skin is to match the shade with your eye color. When you apply lipstick, check if the shade complements your eye color. This results in getting the most natural and picture-perfect lips.

Why Choose Viseart for Lipstick Collection?

A wide collection of lipstick is a dream for every woman. The vibrant shade of lipstick adds drama to your makeup and instantly changes your mood and appearance. While subtle nudes can give you a decent luxury look, switching it with bold shades like red or brown can up-note your game with fun and sass. Viseart Lipstick collection brings ease when finding the perfect shade for smooth application. While you know the trick to apply lipstick, Viseart formulations add perfection to the final look. It’s time you glam up with the best shades of lipstick and flaunt your pouty lips for that extra boost of confidence.


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