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The recent makeup trends have been all about the matte look. If you are also awes-trucked by the shine-free matte makeup look, Viseart's matte makeup range is for you. With Viseart’s face primers, matte makeup formula beginners can even create a matte makeup look that stays all day.  


Smooth skin is like a blank canvas. You can create a beautiful look if the base is correct. Prepare your face with a face primer before doing the makeup. This step comes just before applying the foundation. 

Viseart’s face primers are best for normal to oily skin as it balances oil, conceal pores and give a natural matte look. By applying a makeup primer, you will be assured that the makeup does not becomes flaky, stays for long hours, and covers all the spots, fine lines, and wrinkles on the skin.

Now, make sure that face primer you choose is a good quality face primer for the face primer price. You will find many skin care brands offering face primers in many price categories. 

Viseart has the best quality and affordable makeup primers that moisturize the skin and compliment every look.

Make your matte makeup game easier with Viseart’s face primers. With a matte makeup look, there is a little more effort in doing makeup. However, a little goes a long way. For a smooth matte look, going everything matte is not possible. However, the following makeup steps can help you to achieve the matte make up look -

  • Warm-colored Blush - A warm cheeks tint lifts the overall matte makeup look. Perfectly blend the blush on the matte skin. You can also use some setting powder once the base makeup is completed.
  • Dramatic Eyes – The same goes with the eyeshadow. A matte eyeshadow makeup kit may settle in the creases. The best idea is to apply a matte primer underneath the eye makeup. With the help of a long-lasting matte black eye pencil, you can emphasize the outer edges to create that graphic eyeliner look.
  • Dark Matte Or Nude Colored Lipstick - Trends will come and go, but bold lipstick is always our power suit. A dark matte shade, like a brick red shade, will perfectly complete the look. Besides, if you are in no mood to wear dark lipstick, opt for nude lips! A nude-colored matte lip paint adds glam to the matte makeup look and also gives a look that is a universally flattering makeup look.

Now, a good quality makeup primer is a must to hold this classic makeup look. Viseart’s best face primer/makeup primer has a smooth and feather-light texture that effectively holds makeup for long hours while giving a radiant look. You can add radiance and glow to your face with the rest of your makeup products but using a matte primer will prevent the makeup from melting off your face and is the key to a long-staying matte makeup look.

To look your best, ensure that you choose the right makeup products and save yourself from a heavy, cakey look. Viseart’s makeup primers are comfortable to wear all day and make you feel your confident self.

Matte Makeup Looks For Summers

A good quality face primer is a must-have for makeup on oily skin. It locks the skin moisture and prevents face sebum from reflecting on the skin.

Imagine going to a party and having a greasy look! It is the last and most weird thing that comes to mind on a bright day.  

A face primer followed by a liquid foundation creates a flawless base you can carry on hot summer days. A good makeup primer and a matte foundation will help your look oil free and keep the shine in check. People with oily skin should focus on the t-zone when applying makeup.

Similarly, people with dry skin have concern that a matte primer is drying and can pull out the moisture of the skin. On the contrary, Viseart’s makeup primers are curated after considering the skin concerns of the people. The formula of Viseart’s makeup primer not only targets balancing shine and improves the skin texture. 

Forget the glossy makeup in summer, and pick matte makeup in your makeup routine!


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