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It is rightly said that no amount of beauty and makeup products is enough for the vanity; thus, every time is just the right time to keep adding more value to it. With Viseart introducing a new range of makeup and cosmetics products online now and then, the editorial team lists a few top products from the comprehensive collection. Create new looks and unleash your creativity with top-quality makeup products from Viseart by your side. After trying and testing the quality of each from the exquisite collection, our team curated a fine list of all top-quality star sellers. Upgrade your beauty stash with the top-ranked cosmetics and beauty products loved by our team. 

  1. Long-Wear Flawless Foundation: If you are looking for a liquid foundation with full to medium coverage, Viseart’s Long-Wear Flawless Foundation is the best choice. The pigmented and buildable formula of Viseart Foundation blends seamlessly with every complexion type. It provides the perfect smooth finish by covering fine lines and blemishes without creases! The formula also protects against sweat and humidity, giving you the perfect, matte flawless look.
  2. Brush Set: Makeup Brush Set are your tools to conquer the makeup world and look radiant daily. The Viseart Brush Set is your perfect companion for the essentials in your makeup kit, like the highlighter contour blush palette. From Foundation brush to brow, this set will always leave you with the perfect look for any occasion.

Foundation Brush: A silky smooth brush spreads and blends your foundation naturally onto your skin, leaving you with the perfect smooth base to rock your makeup look.

Concealer Brush: In a busy lifestyle, maintaining glass skin is a task, but achieving the look of one, shouldn’t be. The concealer brush by Viseart ensures the concealer coverage in any and every corner you desire. Get your even tone and smooth skin look within minutes.

Highlighter Brush: The Highlighter brush is convenient, especially when adding a little extra spark to your makeup. The brush helps you get the right amount of highlight at all your desired spot without making you feel like a glittering pool. So, get your sparkle on with Viseart Highlighter Brush.

Eye Makeup Brushes (Brow): The firm and flexible eye brush from Viseart allows you to experiment with eyeshadows of different colors by applying and blending them perfectly. You can also use the brow brush to style your brows and easily give them shape with precision.

  1. Romance Highlighter/Contour/Blusher Palette: The Romance Highlighter/Contour/Blusher covers all your makeup needs in a single palette. Offering three essential textures for the skin type ranging from medium to dark tones, this palette is a hit within the team. The fine and creamy texture of the face highlighter makes blending it seamlessly over the final look easier, while the blush and contour powder set flawlessly due to their top-quality formulas. It is a must-have in your makeup bag for all the random, last-minute touch-up occasions to give your look that extra lift.
  2. Glow Intense Highlighter: If a highlighter is on your list of essential makeup products, this is one product that you should not miss. The silky, smooth, and satin texture is just one of the various benefits of this highlighter. Blend this with sugar glitter and pearls to get the much-acclaimed “continuous shimmering” effect at all times. So, keep your shine around the clock with this beautiful, easy-application highlighter. The easy application also makes it a favorite product, especially if you are always on your toes.
  3. Seamless Concealer Corrector Palette: The 12-color concealer palette covers a wide range of colors in light to dark shades to provide you with the options of concealing, contouring, and highlighting. So whether it is minimizing your fine lines, eliminating spots and blemishes, or highlighting the high points on your face, you can do all this and more with the Viseart Seamless Concealer Corrector Palatte. The rich, creamy texture offers a blur effect of even skin tone with an effortless blend. The non-cakey and the high-coverage formula helps in easy application and setting without clogging the face pores.
  4. Vibrant Finish Matte Lip Paint: Make confidence your statement with the Viseart Vibrant Finish Matte Lip paint. The creamy matte liquid lipstick, with its long-lasting effect and smooth matte finish, makes it a favorite for the extra busy day. The non-cracky, budge-free, lightweight and waterproof formula frees you from the hassle of constant touch-ups. The range of shade choices will fill you with awe as you can choose from nude to vibrant shades for every occasion and mood.
  5. Golden Promise 24k Serum: The Viseart Golden Promise 24K Serum gives your face a Photoshop-like glow. The perfect product to use when you want that blurred glass skin effect within minutes. The sheen offered by this serum is different from the glitter-based highlighter. This is also a go-to option for your no-makeup makeup look, making your skin look fresh and dewy.

Explore the exquisite range of makeup collections from Viseart and get yourself the top-quality products to amaze with every look you want to create! 


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