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Wearing glasses is an important part of the daily routine of many, as glasses have also become a fashionable accessory. Glasses are the most worn accessory all over the world and are embraced as a part of the personal style. However, wearing glasses and makeup together could be challenging because glasses hinder some of the facial features. There are so many factors that can together compose a perfect makeup look. Keep reading to uncover different makeup tricks to create beautiful looks wearing spectacles-  

Focus on the brows 

The frames of glasses can often cast shadows on the eyebrows, making them appear less defined or even hidden. However, eyebrow makeup has a great influence on the overall makeup look. Well-defined eyebrows bring attention and definition to the eyebrows, even behind the lenses of glasses. Moreover, eyebrow makeup can make the face look groomed, giving a sense of attention to detail and self-care. Whether it is filling in sparse areas, shaping the eyebrows, or defining their arches, eyebrow makeup can help to create a polished look that complements the frames of glasses.

Eyebrow shape and thickness can be determined by an individual's face shape and personal style. Having said that, girls wearing glasses should avoid natural-looking eyebrows as the eyebrows will get hindered under the glasses. Feathered eyebrows and thick eyebrows are worth trying for girls with glasses. To create feathered eyebrows, use an eyebrow pencil eyeliner and apply it in an outward direction. A spoolie can help to create the perfect definition of the eyebrows.

Enhance your eyes - Highlight Your Inner Corner and Brow Bone.

A recent trend of enhancing the eyeshadow look is to highlight the inner corner of the eye. Using a highlighter makeup on your inner corner and brow bone can help brighten your eyes and make them pop behind your glasses. Choose a shimmery highlighter in a champagne or light gold shade and apply it to the inner corner of your eyes and under your brow bone. This will create a subtle highlight that can catch the light and make your eyes appear bigger and more awake during outings. 

Another way to follow this latest trend is by using bright-colored eyeshadows instead of regular golden eyeshadow in the inner corners followed by applying a smudge proof eyeliner. This can make the eyes appear bigger and alleviate the overall makeup look. 

Dark eyeshadow

Choosing the right eyeshadow colors can make a big difference for girls who wear glasses. However, some eyeshadow choices can complement your frames and enhance your eyes. Experimenting with different eyeshadow colors can help girls who wear glasses find the perfect makeup looks that make them feel confident and beautiful behind their frames. Some great options include neutral shades for a natural look, matte finishes to prevent unwanted reflections, contrasting colors to create striking contrasts with frames, jewel tones for a bold and eye-catching look, smokey eyes for a classic and glamorous style, monochromatic looks for a cohesive and harmonious appearance, soft pastels for a fresh and youthful vibe.  

If you want a bold look, ditch the routine colors for eyeshadows and try dark shades for smokey eyeshadows. Dark colors such as plum, burgundy, and brown make the eyes appear darker even behind glasses. 

Colored eyeliners 

When wearing glasses, it is the best makeup trick is to keep the eye makeup heavy. Yet another style of pulling off attention to your eyes is through colored pencil liners. Whether you choose a cat eyeliner style, or a simple eyeliner style depends on the style of the frame. Inculcating different colors and styles in eyeliner can make the eyes pop behind the frames. Just ensure to use smudge-proof eyeliner to ensure the makeup lasts longer.

Add Mascara 

No eye makeup look is complete without a voluminous eyelash. Those wearing glasses often skip or forget mascara. Infact, for eyeglass wearers, it is important to focus on the curl and length of the eyelashes. With full and fluttery lashes, your eyes can easily look big and awake. No matter whichever way you choose to curl your lashes, be it a mascara or an eyelash curler, focus on the length. The length might be appropriate for girls wearing eyeglasses so that the lashes do not brush against the glasses every time on blinking.

 Apply a sheer foundation. 

The key to achieving beautiful makeup looks is creating the perfect makeup base. A matte foundation is a must for those wearing glasses as with glasses, there comes a lot of time adjusting the frame sliding down because of oily skin. So, focus on creating a makeup base that is oil-free to ensure that it stays for long. As a final step, consider dusting a loose powder or a setting powder to ensure a matte base and prevent glasses from slipping. 

Conceal the under eyes. 

Wearing glasses reflects shadow on the dark circles or makes the undereye area look darker than usual. For this, take a brightening concealer, and tap it on the undereye area. Set it with the help of a dusting powder or a setting powder. This trick especially comes useful and acts as an instant fix when you experience eye bags or puffy eyes.

Use eye primer 

Wearing glasses can cause your makeup to smudge or rub off on the bridge of your nose or the temples of your frames. To prevent this, use a matte primer on your eyelids and around your nose area or the complete face to create a smooth base for your makeup. Besides helping the makeup stay for long, eye primer holds the eye makeup from sticking to the glasses. 

Balance the makeup look. 

By now, you might have decided to go for a bold look or a subtle look. Balancing is a key factor in eye makeup for girls wearing glasses. So, basically, if you are focusing on the eyes, wear subtle lipstick, and if you choose light eye makeup, opt for bold lip color. The lip color can be matte or shimmery, depending on the occasion. You can go bold with red lipstick or a statement lip color.  

Women have a never-ending love for eye makeup as eye makeup has the power to transform any makeup look, even with wearing glasses. Moreover, women have always treasured pencil eyeliners as a tool to uplift confidence and feel beautiful. With these 9 creative makeup tricks, you can elevate your makeup game and make your eyes pop behind your frames.

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