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Bigger, Brighter Eyes: Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

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Do you wish to have those charming doe eyes that look mesmerizing and shine brightly? While we all know that big eyes always look appealing and attract attention, not everyone naturally has big eyes. But it doesn’t mean you can’t get radiant, fond looking eyes! Combining the right beauty products online along with proper techniques, you can easily achieve those beautiful looking big eyes instantly. 

Eye makeup has been the attraction of every makeup look. Small and folded eyes often make your makeup look dull and drowsy. Eye makeup can transform the mood of your outfit and can make you the eye candy of every occasion. While bigger eyes make you look fresh and awake, they even add depth and feel to your radiant look. Using eyeshadow, eye pencils, concealer, and other makeup products can help you achieve the best look. If you are looking for how to make your eyes look bigger, here is all you need to know. 

What are Basic Eye Makeup Steps?

Before you jump on how to make your eyes look big, you need to follow the basic steps for base facial makeup. Here are some steps you must ensure to abide by for a perfect finish while keeping your skin protected - 

Exfoliate Your Face

Exfoliation helps remove all the dead skin and creates a smooth base. It keeps your skin soft and supple. Using a mild scrub is essential as your facial skin is sensitive. Be gentle and scrub your face lightly to remove all the dead skin and black and white heads.

Moisturize Your Skin

After cleaning and exfoliating your face, there is a blood rush. Also, exfoliating dries out the sebaceous glands that can make your skin dry. Use a calming and hydrating moisturizer based on your skin type to revive the lost moisture of your skin.

Prime Your Eyes

Once the face is prepped, it is time for the fun part. To start your eye makeup, layer your eyes with a makeup primer for eyes. The primer will smoothen the base of your eyes and blur out the creases, allowing you to apply makeup evenly. It will even help the eyeshadow shimmer to adhere to eyelids for long hours without fading.

Conceal Eyelids

After the primer dries, conceal your eyelids for an even base. Whether you have dark or droopy eyes, using concealer helps even the skin tone. It even helps the eyeshadow color to pop and appear more vibrant and richer. Use a concealer shade that resonates with your skin tone for a natural look.

How to Make Eyes Look Bigger with Makeup?

Create False Crease

When you have small eyes and you are thinking of how to make eyes look bigger, the simplest way to make them look big is through a false crease line. Use the highlighter contour palette to contour a fake crease line. Using a shade two to three times darker than your skin tone, contour the eyelid and blend well. Apply a lighter shade just beneath the new crease line for a natural eye shape.

Use Under Eye Concealer 

Small eyes generally look drowsy, and adding brightness will help them appear fresh. Use an eye concealer to cover any dark circles or dull looking eyes. Apply it under your eyes and set it using a compact face powder. If you have pigmentation and marks, use a corrector palette along with concealer for an even finish.

Define Your Brows 

While eyebrows may seem a small part, they can help add dimensions to your face and shape your eyes. Highlighting your eyebrows and defining them sharply helps you achieve a bigger eye appearance instantly. Using a brow makeup brush, fill in the brows and shape them as per your look.

Play with Bright Colors

The first step in how to make eyes look bigger is to ditch the dark and bold colors. Go subtle with the glitter eyeshadow palette and use neutral and light shades. The palette contains both plain and glitter colors for a complete look. These shades help make your eyes look brighter, eventually making them appear bigger and more beautiful.

Blend Eyeshadow till Brows

Using eye shadow brushes for blending is the most vital thing to consider. When blending, for a bigger eye look, take the shimmer eye shadow and blend it towards the brows. The nearer you go towards the eyebrows, the bigger your eyes appear. Ensure to leave a slight gap between them for a natural look.

Use White Pencil Eyeliner for Tightlining

When it comes to the final touches, use a white pencil eyeliner for tightlining your eyes. A white or light color on the waterline helps to create a fake appearance of a deeper waterline. This helps in making your eyes look bigger. Ensure that you precisely apply the white eyeliner for a clean look. Apply on the inner corners as well before highlighting.

Be Précised with Black Eye Pencil Use

Using bold black can transform the mesmerizing look into a vile one for small eyes. Being conscious while using the black eye pencil and smokey eyes is a must for your small eyes. While black helps accentuate the eyes, limiting it to the three-fourth rule is best. Apply the black eye pencil on the outer corners, starting from the midsection of your eyes.

Add Volume to Lashes

A voluminous lash is all you need for the extra sass and drama. While your eye makeup will do the talking, the lash is what you need to elevate the look from 0 to 100. Use volumizing mascara to add length and thickness to your lashes. Coat compact powder before applying mascara as a special trick for a voluminous look. You can even try applying false lashes for an extra preppy look.

Highlight for Perfect Glow

For small eyes, highlighting plays a big role in helping the light reflect your face and make your eyes look shining. Using a face highlighter and eye makeup brush, highlight the center of your eyelids, the inner corners, and the inner tips of your eyebrows. The highlighter will help reflect radiance and make your eyes look bigger and beautiful.

Keep Makeup Subtle

Going subtle with the rest of your makeup is always an ideal choice to draw attention to your eyes and make them look bigger and more vibrant. Going too bold will divide the attention to the rest of the face and leave your eyes unnoticed. 

When it comes to your eyes, we all know how expressive you can be. To allow your eyes to do all the talking, the addition of the right makeup techniques and products will accentuate the final look. Whether you had a sleepless night that made your eyes drowsy or have dark circles that make your eyes look smaller, understanding how to make your eyes look bigger using makeup is the perfect fix for any day. Viseart range of eye makeup and other beauty products online offers a perfect solution to everyday makeup looks. The cruelty-free and dermatologically tested products are safe for your skin and keep your glam style always on point.


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