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10 Steps to Create Simple Evening Makeup Look

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Doing your evening makeup look involves choosing the perfect look based on the occasion, outfit, and lighting of the location. While considering many factors, an important thing to remember is the beauty products you use and the techniques for that flawless finished makeup look. To let your makeup shine bright all evening and catch everyone's attention, knowing how to create the perfect evening makeup look can make you go from 0 to 100. Whether you are a newbie or a professional, following the step-by-step guide is your ultimate solution for instantly going from ordinary to extraordinary.

How to Create a Perfect Evening Makeup Look – Step-by-Step Guide

While makeup is an art, it requires precision, techniques, and practice to nail the perfect look. For a novice, getting a professional like makeup is simple if you follow the steps of doing the evening makeup look.

Step 1 – Start With Cleansing and Exfoliating Your Skin

A clean face is the base for any makeup routine. An unclean face will clog your pores, give you an uneven finish, and won't allow your makeup to adhere to your skin. Always cleanse using cleansing milk or mild face wash to remove any buildup on your face. Follow with an exfoliation process with a mild scrub to remove dead skin and black or whiteheads, if any. This will leave your skin gentle and supple.

Step 2 – Use Makeup Primer Based on Your Skin Type

After cleansing, apply a hydrating moisturizer to revive the lost moisture due to scrubbing. This will ensure that your skin looks naturally fresh and soft. Now, layer your skin with a makeup primer. You can use a matte primer or gold-infused primer according to your skin type and the finish you want for your evening makeup look. The primer will seal the moisture in the pores and help blur out the large pores, aging signs, and light blemishes, creating a smooth canvas for makeup.

Step 3 – Work on Your Base using Full Coverage Foundation

Apply small dots all over your face using a cream or liquid foundation. Using a foundation makeup brush, blend the foundation from the center and go toward the hairline. Ensure that you nicely blend around the hairline for an even finish. Always use a little foundation at the start and slowly build as needed to avoid excess layering and a cakey finish. Choose a foundation shade based on your skin tone and undertone for a clean look.

Step 4 – Use Corrector Palette to Hide Blemishes and Spots

Color correcting your face is an essential step that women generally avoid. Correcting helps cover up all your blemishes, uneven skin tone, aging signs, or other marks that are still visible after the primer and foundation layer. Use corrector palette shades according to the type of marks and discoloration of the skin. The palette has orange, purple, yellow, green, and other colors that help give a clean face.

Step 5 – Conceal using Face Concealer

After correcting, use a concealer that matches the foundation shade and apply it on the areas where you have applied the corrector. Use an under eye concealer to cover your dark circles and get a brighter eye. Using a face makeup brush or damp sponge, blend the concealer evenly.

Step 6 – Set Your Base with Compact Face Powder

Setting your concealer is crucial to avoid any cracking and melting of makeup. Using pressed powder to bake your makeup base ensures that makeup stays long, doesn’t melt, and you get a matte finish instantly. Using a brush, apply compact powder all over your face, especially around the ‘T’ zone and areas where you applied concealer. Dust excess powder after a minute using a clean, fluffy brush.

Step 7 – Add Contour, Blush, and Highlight

For a fun evening makeup look, get a sharp and charming look using the contour blush highlighter palette. Contour your face using a darker shade to get a chiseled and sculpted look. Then, use a blusher palette to add a flushed look to your face. Apply the blush, especially on the apples of your cheeks, for an evening glow. You can even go bold, using the highlighter blusher to accentuate your high points and glow bright when the light falls on your skin.

Step 8 – Start with Eye Makeup

When it comes to evening makeup look, your eyes are going to grab all the attention. Draw your focus on creating a glittery eye look to catch everyone’s eye instantly. Start with concealing your eyelids and applying a base coat using a nude eyeshadow. Now, using the glitter eyeshadow palette, create the eye makeup look you have chosen according to outfit and occasion. Use pencil eyeliner and mascara to complete the look. Do not forget to shape and microblade your eyebrows using a brow brush. Use the liberty and creativity to explore with your eye makeup to radiate all the desired glow.

Step 9 – Paint Your Lips

Adding a pop of color using lip paint or matte liquid lipstick is all you need to complete your makeup look. Use a vibrant shade of lipstick that will complete your look. But before applying, use a lip primer as a base coat. Then, line your lips using the same shade of your lipstick. This will add dimension and a clean look to your lips and prevent feathering lipstick. Now, fill the lips using the best liquid lipstick. Blot your lipstick for a transfer-proof and long lasting stay. If needed, conceal and contour your lips for a fuller and plumpy look. Lastly, add a highlighter on your cupid’s bow for the perfect pout.

Step 10 – Seal the Look for Final Finish

Sealing your makeup is the final step that ensures that all the layers of makeup and color pigments are locked and appear vibrant throughout the day. The spray will help control your skin's oil production and prevent makeup from melting. Use a setting spray from an elbow distance to seal your look. Spray in either an ‘X’ or ‘T’ pattern and allow the spray to dry naturally before stepping out for the evening.  

When stepping out for any occasion, looking your best adds to your charm and confidence. Makeup helps you get a bold and radiant appearance that creates a strong persona and influence on others. Using premium beauty products to create your perfect evening look with the right techniques is all you need to achieve the shift in your personality. Viseart Official offers a wide range of beauty products online that are cruelty-free and dermatologically tested. The cosmetic collection uses vegan ingredients and formulations that are safe for your skin and ensure that the application is smooth and flawless. The different shades and textures help you find a perfect match for your skin tone. It is time to create the best evening makeup look with the Viseart makeup collection.


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