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How to Make Lipstick Last Longer: From Prep to Finish

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Whether you wear complete makeup or just put a few basic makeup layers of routine touch-ups, adding a simple stroke of lipstick makes you look perfect. It makes you appear confident and elegant in every setting or any occasion. Similarly, lipstick is one of the beauty makeups that has acquired a permanent place in the purse of beauties. It is an instant makeup that adds charm and sparkle in a go. However, we often face a common problem after applying lipstick that is fading. While you want to look presentable and keep your lipstick in place all day, frequently adding touch-ups is not always possible when you are out or busy in your routine. Considering the common problem faced by almost every beauty enthusiast, we have shared about how to make lipstick last longer. From the very beginning to the final lipstick finish, you will come across everything that you need to know to make your lipstick stay longer. With no time, let's get started with the steps of how to make lipstick last longer.

Effective Way To Make Your Lipstick Last Longer 

1. Exfoliation 

The first and most important step is to care for your lips. Grab a suitable scrub to exfoliate your lips that will effectively remove the dead skin cells. You should exfoliate your lips regularly to ensure a smooth application of lipstick. You can also use a soft toothbrush to gently remove the dead skin cells and create a soft base for lipstick application. However, keeping the dead skin cells intact can make your lipstick fade or flake easily.  

2. Pamper Your Lips 

The next step to exfoliation is to nourish your lips. Apply your favorite moisturizer on your lips and hydrate them. You can also choose lip balm or oil for a smoother base. Allow a few minutes for the moisturizer or lip balm to absorb and set on your lips before applying the further products. 

3. Lip Primer First 

We often consider lip primer unnecessary before lip paint application and skip it. But we should understand that applying lip primer offers a mesmerizing and long-lasting pout. Applying a thin and even layer of lip primer is one of the best tricks to resolve your question about how to make lipstick last longer. Choose a weightless formula that spreads evenly on your lips to form a smooth canvas for your lipstick. Applying lip primer not only makes your lip color shine but also makes it appear bright.  

4. Create A Smooth Base 

Applying a lightweight concealer or foundation works, too, to create a lasting effect. After primer, apply a thin layer of concealer or makeup foundation to neutralize your natural lip shade and offer a long-lasting effect. Spread the flawless foundation or concealer evenly using a sponge or with your fingers, and make sure to pat and blend it well. Let the formula dry and set it on your lips. Putting foundation and concealer before lipstick keeps it in place and prevents feathering and smudging out.

5. Add Dimension With Lip Liner 

Lip liner works magic to make your lipstick last longer. You can create an outline that acts as a barrier to prevent the lipstick from smudging and fading out. Here, you have to choose the shade of lip liner that matches or is a little darker than the shade of your lipstick. Now grab the lip liner and start outlining along the natural shape of your lips. Then, fill the shade of lip liner on your lips to create a colorful base for your lipstick. This practice will keep you saved from the frequent fading of lipstick. You don't have to worry anymore, as the lip liner will make your lips look defined and beautiful even though the lip paint shade fades away.  

6. Beautify Your Lips 

Now it's high time to apply your favourite lipstick shade. Whether it's matte liquid lipstick or creamy one, take the right amount of product to use on your lips. Applying an excess amount of lip shade holds a high chance of ruining your lip makeup in no time. Hence, you should always remember to start by applying a thin layer of lipstick and build up the lip shade gradually as required. Use a small makeup brush, or you can use your fingers as well to apply your favourite lipstick. Spread the lipstick hues evenly and into your lip corners for the fuller and finest effect. In case there is any excess product, blot it with tissue.  

7. Set Your Lipstick 

It is essential to set your lipstick if you want a long-lasting effect. There are different ways to set the lipstick, and you can choose the same according to your preference and comfort.  

8. Translucent Powder 

You need to apply a thin layer of translucent powder on your lips by using a brush or your fingers. The powder will absorb moisture or any excess oil on your lips. Similarly, the translucent powder gets merged with your lipstick shade, showing no signs of any fine lines or whiteness.  

9. Setting Spray 

This is another option to set your lipstick makeup look. You need to grab a setting spray that is specially designed for lip makeup. During application, hold the spray away from your face for about 6 inches and spray it lightly on your lips. This will make your lip shade appear fresh and shiny throughout the day.  

10. Add Touch-up When Required 

Though you have taken immense care to make your lipstick last longer, you might need to do touch-ups throughout the day. Hence, make sure you have a mini lipstick kit to carry wherever you go to add touch-ups when required. However, before applying the lipstick, blot your lips using tissue paper to remove excess oil or the previous lip shade. Later, follow a similar procedure to apply a thin layer of lip liner and then a layer of lipstick.  

Go To Tips To Make Your Lipstick Last Longer 

Now that you have learned how to make lipstick last longer, we have shared a few lipstick tricks to make your lipstick stay all day and will help you to ace the lip makeup. Here we go.  

  • Avoid Eating Too Much Oily Food 
  • While having your lipstick on, try to avoid eating too much oily food as it can fade away your lipstick in a go. Choose something healthy for you as well as your lipstick.  

  • Use Straw For Beverages 
  • Drinking beverages or drinks directly from the glass or cup can create a lipstick stamp on the glass edge and fade away your lipstick. Hence, you should choose a straw to save your lipstick from fading out.  

  • Color, Blot, & Repeat 
  • It is a trick while you apply lipstick. After you add the first layer of lipstick, make sure to blot it with tissue paper or a blotting sheet. Hold the paper between your lips and press against it to remove the extra shade. Once it is done, apply another layer of shade and allow it to settle on your lips perfectly. You will get a finished, long-lasting lipstick effect.  

    The shared steps are the ideal answer to how to make lipstick last longer. Also, implementing the tips and tricks helps you immensely to keep your lipstick longer throughout the day. Just remember that even if you are facing difficulties while practicing the steps, tips, and tricks, practice makes everything perfect. If you are looking to buy lipstick online, get the one from Viseart. Being one of the renowned names in the makeup world, we offer a variety of beauty products online. From primer and foundation to brushes, you can find everything that you need to complete your gorgeous makeup look. Considering lipstick from the Viseart makeup products, we offer a variety of shades and textures that you are looking for. Similarly, our makeup products are cruelty-free and dermatologically tested; hence, they are friendly to every skin type. The Viseart lipsticks are a smooth, lightweight, and waterproof formula that truly lasts longer on your lips.  

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