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You must have heard the buzz about Cloud Skin if you are a beauty enthusiast. This newest trend has reached every corner with increased love for it. This trend lets you achieve a dreamy, ethereal glow that resembles the soft and fluffy clouds in the sky. It focuses on creating a soft, smooth, and hydrated canvas for your makeup or simply a fresh and radiant complexion on its own. Let's go further to learn more about the cloud skin trend. 

What Is Cloud Skin?

'Cloud Skin' is a term coined by Dominic Skinner, M.A.C Cosmetic's global senior artist. Like the clouds in the blue sky, it creates a perfect blend of dewy, glowing, matte finishes that looks natural and authentic on your skin. It's more about keeping the makeup simple yet significant by using minimal cosmetics that glow your skin and neutral makeup shades more than darker ones. 

You can follow the below procedure if you are willing to get a perfect cloudy skin

  1. Nourish Your Skin

First and foremost, hydration is key. It's a good practice to always initiate your makeup by hydrating your skin. Treat your skin gently with a hydrating cleanser. It plums up the skin and makes it fresh by removing dirt and impurities from the skin. 

  1. Create A Smooth Base

Creating a smooth base is important to give a cloud-like makeup effect. Apply a primer seamlessly on your face. Give it time to set on your face to get a radiant glow. We recommend using a matte primer from Viseart to create a smooth base. Apply the mattifying primer for best results on the areas of your face that are likely to get oily. Viseart face primer price is budget-friendly that adds worth to your makeup. 

  1. It's Time To Form The Clouds

Now grab your favourite flawless foundation that matches your skin tone and apply it to your face. By dotting the Viseart foundation over your face, you can spread it evenly with a fluffy brush. Move your brush in a sweeping motion over your face starting from the forehead downwards of your face to create a cloudy look. 

Going for a liquid foundation would be an excellent choice for getting the best results for your cloud skin look. You don't have to worry about the liquid foundation price if you are willing to get one for yourself. Viseart foundation prices are affordable and pocket-friendly, giving the best results and worth every penny. 

  1. Make The Clouds Noticeable

To make the foundation last and have nice cloud skin, dust some powder with the fluffy brush on your face. Especially on the areas such as the hollows of your cheeks, on nose and chin, the inner corners of your eyes, and the hairline. This makes it simpler to get the natural contrast of a dewy and matte finish. It looks more like a cloud.

  1. Highlight Them Beautifully

To add more to the cloud skin effect, you can use shimmer-free highlighting products to add the final touches. Just make sure to blend the highlighter with the base. 

  1. Let It Shine Out

Let your eyes be noticeable as well while creating a cloud skin effect. Pick matte, neutral or peachy shades and brush them smoothly on the eye crease. Then, apply light cream eye shade on the inner corners and eyelids to give it a cloudy effect. They won't look less than a shiny lining of clouds.

  1. Make The Eyes Elegant

Nothing will complete a cloud skin look other than elegant eyeliner and eyelashes. Apply thinner waterproof eyeliner on the eyelid. You can smudge the eyeliner further by drawing a line to create a blurry effect. Add mascara to eye lashes to define them perfectly and add some volume along with eyeliner.

  1. Finish It With The Lip Shade

Let your lips seem as soft as a cloud and apply a matte lip shade. You can prefer a shade that complements your eye shadow or cloud colours. You can choose from the wide variety of matte lipstick shades by Viseart.

Wow, look now you have aced to achieve the cloud skin trend. Now your skin will look fresh, radiant, and glowing all day. The cloud skin trend is perfect whether it be a long day at the office, hangout with friends, a family get-together, or any occasion. 

If you are thinking of bringing a twist to your makeup routine, then cloud skin is the one. Experimenting with your makeup and skincare routine is the easiest and most fun activity. By grabbing the required products for cloud skin from Viseart, you can get ready to follow the trend. Dig in from the ocean of Viseart makeup that is renowned and assures the best quality that you'll keep choosing further. Now get your favorite makeup that your skin will love! 


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