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How To Do Bridal Makeup At Home?

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Bridal Makeup at Home: A Step-by-Step Guide to DIY Wedding Beauty

Wedding season booms almost more than half of the overall year. The demand for beauty experts stays at its peak during these times. Hence, pre-bookings are highly valued. However, some circumstances occur where you fail to choose a makeup artist, or you are more willing to doll yourself up for your wedding, isn't it? Being a pro at makeup would be an add-on when you are taking responsibility for your makeup on yourself. However, if you have little to no knowledge about makeup or beauty products, then there is a catch! But you do not need to give up on your self-accomplished dream-like makeup yet. Being self-reliant is a beautiful thing; thus, we have shared how to do bridal makeup at home for beauties who are willing to get the makeup done themselves.

Ideal Way Of Doing The Perfect Bridal Makeup at Home

Wedding makeup at home is all about the little details, tricks, and techniques that show the best results when mastered accurately. Understanding the steps below to get your bridal makeup at home done by yourself will help immensely. Here we go.

Pamper Your Skin

Skincare is what you need when you desire to get a mesmerizing glow on your special day. Cleaning your face is the first and foremost thing you should do before starting your makeup. A clean and clear canvas helps the makeup to last longer. Now, it's time to apply the moisturizer. Pampering your skin with moisturizer makes it plump by soaking enough water. It offers a dewy finish and helps your makeup to set beautifully and last longer.

Put the Primer

Primarily, primer is something you can't even think of skipping. A layer of primer creates a solid makeup primer that keeps all the further makeup layers in place. It also works as a protective shield between your skin and makeup. So, grab your favourite long lasting primer and spread it evenly across your face using a makeup sponge. Allow the primer to dry before you move towards applying the next makeup products.

Set the Tone with Corrector

You know your skin well, so look if there are any blemishes, redness, or discolouration that need to be covered seamlessly. Colour corrector effortlessly hides these skin concerns, offering you a flawless look. You can choose the shades from the colour corrector palette that are suitable to your skin tone and undertone. Various shades, such as green, purple, blue, orange, and yellow, are used in contrast to the shade of your skin concerns. Let's say some areas of your face appear red; the exact contrast of red is green. Applying the shade creates the right balance between your skin tone. However, shades of orange are commonly used to cover the skin concerns and get an even tone. Apply it in a small amount on the specific areas of concern only using a sponge or brush and blend it perfectly. Remember not to apply a colour corrector on your overall face during application.

Conceal with Concealer

Choose lighter and darker shades of concealer for your face according to your skin tone. Start with the light shade. Apply it on your brow bone and under your eyes to cover the dark patches and get a brighter and even skin tone. Now, apply the darker shade below the lighter shade and on the temples. Using a makeup sponge, blend the concealer seamlessly. Considering your wedding day, you can choose a liquid concealer or waterproof concealer for lasting effect.

Foundation for Flawless Look

To create a flawless look and maintain freshness right from the start of your wedding day to the end, wear a lightweight foundation that offers remarkable coverage to your skin. Understanding your skin concerns, you can choose a matte foundation or liquid foundation for yourself. Apply it in a little amount on your face and blend it seamlessly. For more coverage, you can add more foundation gradually. Don't add too much product to your face; it will make your makeup appear cakey.

Add Definition with Contouring

Contouring will define your face beautifully, making it appear chiselled. Choose a suitable shade from the contour palette according to your makeup. If you have any other liquid formula, you can use it as well. Get a small amount of product on the back of your hand. Pick the product using a blending tool, like a large blush brush, and apply it on the hollows of your cheeks. You must make a pout of your mouth by sucking your cheeks to get the perfect hollow for application. Now, you can build the product up towards your temples and jawlines to add definition.

Bake Your Makeup

When all the layers of makeup are set correctly, it is important to bake your makeup and set it with a remarkable finish. Grab a compact powder and a fluffy brush for seamless application. Evenly spread the compact powder across your face. If there is excess powder on your face, dust it off using the brush itself. Brides who want to subtract the extra shine on the face can choose a compact powder for oily skin. It balances the oils and sweat on the facial areas, creating a matte effect.

Ace the Eye Makeup

  • Create a Perfect Arch
Defining brows adds more dimension to your facial aesthetics. Using an eyebrow pen or eyebrow palette, you can add hues to fill the gap in your brows, making them more noticeable. Later, brush your brows using a spoolie to place them perfectly.

  • Prime Your Eyelids
Eyes are the main focus of your overall makeup. Hence, you should add primer to your eyelids to ensure that the eye makeup stays intact for a longer time. Using a brush, apply eye primer on your eyelids evenly. Let it set, and then move towards the next step.

  • It's Eyeshadow Time
Choose a lighter hue, whether pink, brown or any other shade, according to your makeup theme. Apply it on the outer crease of your eye to add definition. Then, pick a darker shade of the same hue eyeshadow palette and apply it below the lighter shade. With a clean brush, gently blend both shades, creating a mesmerising effect. The gradient adds depth to your eyes. Apply gold or rose gold eyeshadow over your eyelids according to your makeup theme to make them stand out. You can play with your eyeshadow as you want to achieve a desired eye makeup look.

  • Define Your Eyes
Once you ace the eyeshadow game, it's time for eyeliner and some touch of kajal. Grab a waterproof eyeliner and create a perfect wing to define your eyes. Similarly, define your upper and lower lash line with an eye pencil for more effect.

  • Curl The Lashes
Your eyelashes also play a vital role in defining your eyes. With the help of your lash curler, curl your lashes as you desire. The curled lashes are perfect for mascara application.

  • Mask Your Lashes with Mascara
Coat your lashes with eye mascara. Move the mascara wand in the upward direction of your curled lashes to create a darker and more volumized effect. If you desire more voluminous lashes, you can consider adding false lashes for a fuller eyelash look.

Glow with Blush

Pick an amazing blush shade from the blush palette to glow your cheeks. Take a medium fluffy brush, apply a little amount of blush gently on the apple of your cheeks, and work it towards the hairline. You can also apply it on the nose bridge for a bit of shine and to get a sun-kissed look.

Brighten Up with Bronzer

For a more sun-kissed effect, apply the bronzer on the areas that naturally catch the sunlight. You can brush some bronzer on the facial areas around your cheeks and forehead and slightly on your chin. This creates a beautiful effect for your wedding look.

High Time to Highlight

Grab the highlighter palette and pick the shade of your choice. With the help of a highlighter brush, apply the highlighter on the high points of your face, such as the brow bone, cheekbone, cupid bow, and inner eye corners. You can also apply it using your fingers and blend it perfectly on your face.


Decide whether you desire to have matte lipstick or the glossy one. Choose the best hue from the lipstick shades to complete your bridal makeup at home. Apply it on your lips evenly and within your lip lines. You can invest in smudge proof lipstick to avoid feathering and for long-lasting effects.

Set with Setting Spray

Now that your wedding makeup at home is complete, it's time to set it with setting spray. Get the makeup setting spray and seal your makeup for the day. Now you are all set to shine like a bride all day!

Secret Tips for Wedding Makeup at Home

Do Research

There are numerous ways to find a beautiful makeup look for your wedding day. You can explore the internet by searching for trending makeup looks. You can also explore platforms like YouTube to learn about fashion and makeup from influencers and makeup artists. However, it's not always compulsory to follow the trend. You can set your own beauty style on your wedding day. Find suitable makeup that appears elegant and beautiful on your face.

Choose Your Makeup Theme

The overall theme of the wedding venue creates an impact on your final look. Understand whether you are ready to settle for a sun-kissed look, natural glow, or shimmery Bollywood glam for your event and makeup. You should consider the aesthetics of your event and dressing style to choose the best makeup theme for yourself.

Understand Your Tone and Undertone

When it comes to makeup, your skin tone and undertone play an important role. You can determine these with a few simple steps. Check your wrist and observe the colour of your veins, whether it's blue, green, or a combination of both. If you have green-coloured veins, you have a warm undertone; if it's blue, you have a cool undertone. If your veins appear to be bluish green, that means that you have a neutral undertone. When it comes to skin tone, determine whether it's fair, dusky, or dark to select suitable makeup products.

Pick Shades Wisely

For an amazing final look, it is important to understand what shades complement you best. Whether it's cool shades or warm tones, try to find the best one. You can even mix different shades to create a perfect hue that suits you best.

Practice Makes Makeup Perfect

When you are considering doing your makeup by yourself, then remember practice is everything. You can learn from the tutorials and practice at home months before becoming a pro. Giving the first try directly on your wedding day can ruin your makeup look. Unpreparedness will automatically reflect through your makeup.

Take Care of Your Skin

For months or weeks, start to pamper your skin. Moisturize it daily to hydrate your skin cells. You can also improve your diet, which ultimately creates an impact on your skin health. Along with this, ensure that you drink enough water daily. You can also invest in beauty treatments to enhance your skin and facial aesthetics.

Grab New Beauty Equipments

You can consider investing in new beauty equipment for the finest makeup finish. If you are not thinking about investing in beauty tools, you can thoroughly clean the beauty tools you already have. This will remove the leftover makeup from the brushes and not transfer it to your skin.

Go for waterproof eye makeup

A wedding event is full of emotions as much as it is fun and special. While exchanging vows or saying goodbye to your beloved family, you are going to shed tears. Hence, you should go for waterproof eye makeup to not let your makeup ruin.

Keep Blotting Paper Handy

You might develop sweat or shine if you have an oily skin type. During such times, you can keep blotting paper handy. While dancing or exchanging vows, you can use these blotting papers to absorb oil quickly without disturbing your overall makeup.

Carry A Mini Makeup Box for Touch-ups

As the wedding lasts for hours, you might require quick touch-ups in between. Hence, you can ask your bridesmaid to carry a mini makeup box.

By following the intricacies of makeup and implementing secret tips and tricks, you can complete your desired bridal makeup look at home. A dedicated makeup practice will show the results on your wedding day. Viseart Official is renowned for offering a wide range of cosmetic products. From lipstick and eye makeup, we provide everything you need to complete your wedding makeup look. Our makeup products are dermatologically tested, cruelty-free, and suit every skin type. You can truly enhance your bridal makeup look by grabbing the best beauty products from Viseart Official.

Explore the beauty products today and complete your bridal makeup kit!


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